Thursday, August 6, 2009


I have so much fun going to Miss Anne's. Well, actually not going there because it's only one minute away but rather being there. Everyday when I get there, Logan greets me at the door and I get so excited because I know I'm about to have a ton of fun. It wears me out just watching Logan and Carly and Jill and Brandon playing all day but I still can't wait until I can join them!

When I got home from MA's, I did a little bit of playing with Mom & Dad but I was exhausted and decided to take a nap. Unfortunately, they woke me up almost immediately for dinner because "we" had errands to run again. Fortunately for me, one of the errands was to Babies R Us which pretty much means good stuff for me. We got a giant box of diapers (boring), some bottle cleaning stuff (boring), some bibs (boring), some baby sized hangers (boring), a couple sleep sacks (not bad), some Rice Cereal (getting better), a couple tag alongs (sweet), TWO clip on mobiles (cool) and Olive the Octopus (AHHHHHWESOME!) This guy is so fun that I actually had fun playing with her in the box at he store!

I just got this toy but I totally love it already. Parker and Penny also have their own octopus toys that they love and now I have TWO that I love; Socktopus and Olive the Octopus.

This totally makes up for the lame errands we ran the other day. THANKS M&D!

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  1. So Octopus is totally cute but in the first pic it looks like it's eating your baby. It's almost the same size as her :-)


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