Monday, August 24, 2009

Million Dollar Baby

When I woke up Sunday morning, Mom hooked me up with a bottle for breakfast and then I did some quality time in my play gym. By the time I was due for my second bottle, it occurred to me that I hadn't seen Dad yet. Where's the fable? After my second bottle, I took a nice little nap and Dad finally decided to wake up just before I did. It was pretty chill most of the day but, per the status quo, M&D had to run some errands to cap off the weekend. First trip was to Babies "R" Us. Sweet! We picked up FIVE new pajamas because my sleep sacks don't have sleeves and sometimes I get cold (like my mom.) I also got a few leashes for my toys. Because I have slight tendency to lose my grip or "throw" my toys, these will help prevent them from making it to the floor when we're someplace dirty where that would be important.... like at our house. I think my favorite thing so far may be my new teething beads seen below.

Lastly, I think M&D have realized they're a little underprepared for solid food because we had to get some more soft tip spoons (though these don't turn colors if it's too hot) and another 10 pack of bibs because between the mess M&D make feeding me solids (see what I did there? I put the blame on THEM) and the profuse amount of drool I produce, we are going through bibs like, um, face diapers?
Hmm, is that a million dollar idea? I CALL SAVSIES! 1-800-INVENTION here I come. Have you noticed how the guy in this commercial hammers out a wheel in just three hits? That doesn't seem very realistic to me. I'll have to ask Grandma Davenport if that's how it really happened.

Oh, and I got socks.

Next trip was to the grocery store but it was less interesting than socks so that's all you'll hear about it from me.

I went to Miss Anne's this morning and it was so nice that we went straight outside to play. I had a lot of fun over there and to cap it off, I got a special surprise because when Mom came to pick me up, she brought Grandma Herbert with her. YEA! I hadn't see GmaH in like three days so I gave her a TON of smiles. When we got home, Mom read me some Mother Goose (check it out on my bookshelf below) and I was pretty entertained with... her commentary. She was quick to point out when wind didn't rhyme with behind or when one of the riddles is just "dumb." It was also funny when she giggled at one of the riddles that isn't funny just because one of the words used has multiple meanings and maybe they don't all belong in a children's book.

A little later Dad took me into his office and via Netflix we watched the beginning of Enchanted, just like at GmaH's house and Dad introduced me to Inspector Gadget which is a cartoon he used to watch when he was little. It's kinda silly but it has a character named Penny and a buff dog and even though they're not the same, it made me think of my sister Penny. I love my sisters.

Well, it's time for bed now so I'm off. Oh, but before I do, one question for Dad -- Why the long face? HA! I crack me up!

Until Later,

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