Saturday, August 22, 2009

One Arm Bandit

When I woke up today Mom had already left for work which... wait a minute, today is SATURDAY! Where's the fable? Mom had a wedding show in midtown today so it was just the Dad and his daughters today. After I had my breakfast I tagged along with Dad for his breakfast. We met Grandma & Grandpa Davenport and Aunt Darty at Mimi's. I know that GmaD is a sucker so after we'd been there about 4 minutes I started acting all fussy because I knew she'd pull me out of my car seat. And, of course, it worked. GmaD held me all during breakfast and it was pretty funny to watch her maneuver one handed. Since I started solids, I'm used to food coming my way via utensil and every time GmaD took a bite, I got all excited and opened wide. I thought for sure that I'd hit the jack pot but I never got even a little bite. MEAN!

In the afternoon I'd play this game with Dad where I'd pretend I was tired so he'd put me down for a nap. The fun part was that I knew Dad would try to take a nap at the same time so I'd sit around for about 45 minutes - just long enough for Dad to get to sleep then I'd start fussing so he'd have to get up again. It was hilarious - TWICE!

I was excited for Mom to get home because I was playing around in the attic and I found this old polaroid of the two of us. HA, I'm just kidding! This picture is from today but I found this free software that takes digital pictures and makes them look like polaroids. I'm not really sure why you'd want to take a perfectly good, clear picture and make it all fuzzy and yellow but apparently it's pretty popular. Actually, our house still looks like the 70s so why shouldn't the pictures match? Also, there's NO WAY I'd go anywhere near the attic in this house - YUCK!

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