Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Alliterating Avery

Last night Dad found a pretty effective trick to get me to eat my solids. And no, it was not to cover the sweet potatoes in marshmallows and brown sugar though that would definitely work as well. After putting the spoon in my mouth, he kind of leaves it there so it's harder for me to spit it out. I mean, I'm still moderately successful at spitting it out, but it does make it more difficult. Anyway, he employed the same technique this morning with the blah (fka rice cereal) and it's the first time I've eaten been fed all of my blah for breakfast.

I went over Miss Anne's today sans Baby Legs or pants. It wasn't really any warmer this morning than it has been the last few days but MA's house is very comfy so I don't really need them inside and when we play outside in the afternoon, it's warmed up enough for me to be okay. When we got over to MA's, we were greeted at the door by MA, Logan and some of the other kids. I have so many friends at MA's it would be hard NOT to have tons of fun everyday.

When Mom picked me up in the afternoon, we made a pit stop prior to going home to see my sisters. Mom took me over to xpedx so we could pick up some paper that she needs for a job she's printing TONIGHT. Procrastinating Parent! No wonder I was born late. Anyway, I met Cheryl while we were at xpedx - no, not THAT Cheryl silly, she's in Cali visiting the West Coast Herbert's (I miss you Grandma & Grandpa Herbert!) This Cheryl works at xpedx and we chatted for a few minutes about paper and envelopes and paper and... well that was it.

When Mom and I got home, I said my hellos to Dad and my sisters and hit the swing for a nap. MA's is so exciting that I don't always get my naps in. Fortunately M&D are boring enough that I don't have to worry about missing something fun. I mean, what am I gonna miss? M&D watching TV, one on the couch and one on the love seat? Or maybe M&D watching TV, one on the chair and one on the couch? Seriously here. When I woke up, Dad fed me some bottle and more sweet potatoes. Shockingly enough, he had a camera near by. Wonderful.

After dinner, I did some tummy time with Dad and some reading with Mom. First we read My Animals which of course I loved. Then Mom picked up her Paper Mill Designs customer notebook and read from it. The "stories" were a little underwhelming (I think I saw Dad dose off) but the drawings were pretty fun. Unfortunately I don't think there's room on my book shelf (scroll to the bottom of my blog) for this one.

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