Monday, September 7, 2009

Award Season

Mom and I woke up this morning and things were pretty much average as I enjoyed my breakfast bottle. Then I started to hate life because my teeth, or rather my gums were really hurting. I can feel my lower right front tooth on the verge of breaking the surface and the lower left front tooth isn't far behind. It really hurts and I wasn't shy about letting Mom know it.

After Dad woke up, the three of us got ready to go shopping though frankly I was NOT in the mood. The Carter's store out at the Legends was having a sale and it must have been a good one to justify us going into Wyandotte and battling the Legends crowds. The deals must have been pretty kosher because I got several new 6 and 9 month outfits and even got a fancy dress for Aunt Abby and Uncle Scott's engagement party. It is VERY cute.

The fact that we were in the 'dotte meant a high likelihood of some good people watching and while Mom was in Banana, Dad and I started starrin'. As a kid, I feel I pay a lot of attention to other kids' parents or rather, their parenting. For instance, I saw a Dad with a baby in the same exact stroller as mine and could see that the car seat wasn't locked into stroller. You almost have to work to not get it locked in there so who knows what this space cadet Dad of the Year was doing. And sometimes it's the little things too like I saw a Dad pushing a baby, younger than me, and they went from shade to sun (at noon) and the Dad did nothing to keep the sun out of the baby's eyes. I could see the kid squirming from 30 feet away. Looks like we have another contender for Dad of the Year. After the Legends, M&D dragged me to lunch with them where we witnessed the Dad of the year coup de grace. We saw a Dad (bad trend here, though this Mom watched and laughed) put his thumb atop the straw in his drink, trapping several inches of cola and FEED IT TO HIS BABY who was maybe my age. We saw him do this TWICE. Now we can pretend it was diet soda but we all know you can't get caffeine free cola at a restaurant (spelled right the first time.) So he's feeding his 5 month old caffeine. Brilliant. I hope that kid doesn't sleep until Thursday. WE HAVE A WINNER!

After the DotY left with his caffeine addict, I started focusing on more important items. Like how I'm gonna get my foot into my mouth. I've heard Dad put his foot in his mouth plenty of times and if he can do it, so can I!

My hard work at lunch paid off because a little later in the evening I reached yet another one of my goals: Foot to Mouth! Sorry about the sketchy picture quality; Dad only had his cell phone but you can see he caught the action shot.

I haven't been in a very good mood tonight because my gums are bothering me again. M&D must have felt really bad for me too because they took me on a walk which is pretty rare around these here parts. It was just what I needed to keep my mind off my mouth for a while. THANKS M&D!

Oh, we had another first tonight and I'm shocked M&D didn't catch it on camera. Right before I started this post, M&D decided to give me some new solids. We're still limited to "orange" or "yellow" veggies and round two goes to: CARROTS! For Grandpa Davenport's birthday the other night I watched everyone devour some carrot cake so I was pretty excited. Then I got my first bite. I tried to convey my feelings to M&D with a look that can best be described as, "why do you hate me?" Once again, M&D's commentary didn't help. Like when they both talked about how much they hate cooked carrots. Oh, well by all means, if you hate it please please feed it to your baby. Terrible. Since there aren't any pictures or video, go back and check out the posts on Sweet Potatoes but imagine a slightly darker "orange" veggie.

Until Later,

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