Friday, September 18, 2009


I woke up today one minute after Dad's alarm went off. Happy Dad??? After my bottle, Dad took me upstairs to get ready. Dad knew that I'd want to wear something super cute today because Grandma Herbert had a big day lined up for me. Dad picked out my cute yellow dress as a bit of a farewell to summer.

Shortly after Dad dropped me off, I met one of Mom's best friends's Mom, Ginny McComb. Amanda McComb (Cogar now) went to school with Mom like in the 90s or something (old.) I haven't actually met Amanda or her husband Andy but I went out with them a few times last summer! I was VERY little back then.

A little later I was treated to a visit with Donna Lane who's one of my fave's. As per usual, GmaH took me on a few walks. I think I'm almost ready to ditch the car seat on my walks and sit in the stroller like a big girl. I'm REALLY gonna like my walks with GmaH if I can sit upright!

GmaH took me to Hen House in the afternoon to get some fix'ns for a packed dinner. Treat: Uncle Charlie came into town for Aunt Abby and Uncle Scott's engagement party tomorrow (thanks for playing with me today UC!) Treat: One of AA's crimson and blue (boo) college friends, Meredith, came into town for to par-tay as well. So, with a full table planned for dinner, I helped GmaH do some grocery shopping. Of course, I just chilled in the center of the cart and rocked as GmaH did all the work -- just how I like it!

I played some piano with GmaH today and when Dad came over for dinner, I showed him what I learned.

Until Later,

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