Friday, September 4, 2009

For Alma Mater

I was pleasantly surprised this morning to see Mom come and get me when I woke up. She had last Friday off so I didn't expect to see her on a Friday morning for another week. Hey, the more the merrier as far as I'm concerned. Mom cooked me up some bottle and blah (fka rice cereal) for breakfast - half of which was delicious. I'll let you figure out which half. Then we got ready to go and headed out, leaving Dad at home to work. Sucker! I didn't know where we were headed but was pretty excited when I found out that we went to visit Dr. Cooper. I haven't seen Dr. Cooper in FOREVER. Well, more like 5 months but that's a long time in my world. I had tons of fun with Dr. Cooper and gave her a million smiles (estimated.)

Next stop was to see Aunt Abby - YEA! When we got over there I scolded AA for not participating in College Colors Day. I must have a lot of clout too because after my tongue lashing she went and changed. Of course, had I known that AA was gonna come down wearing something other than "the purple and the white" I would have kept my mouth shut. Crimson and Blue? More like Crimson and Blah! Taking Harvard's crimson and Yale's blue does not and Ivey League college make. Whatever, I forgive you AA.

When we got home, we did some family portraiting since we all donned the proper attire.

I felt a little guilty that we had left Parker & Penny out of the pictures so I insisted that M&D take a kids only pic too. I offered to take a picture of M&D with P&P but Dad figured I'd just put the camera in my mouth. He's spot on too; I was definitely gonna try to eat it. I should have asked Mom, she would have fallen for it.

Notice how I'm playing with my feet in a few of the pictures here? That's because I came within a few inches from getting my foot in my mouth last night and now I'm determined to do it.

Tonight has been pretty chill. We'd been watching tennis all day and Dad was trying to get me to go take a bath but Taylor Dent was tied in the fifth set against Ivan Navarro and I refused to miss the end. I'm glad we waited too because he won in a fifth set tie breaker. U S A! If you're not familiar with TD's story, you should Google it because it's pretty impressive. I think he plays Nadal next so I hope he enjoys the night. (UPDATE: I have a corrction to make, Dent plays Andy Murray next.)

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