Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I woke up Monday morning to find Mom's smiling face looking down at me rather than Dad's. As it turns out, Dad doesn't love us anymore and moved to Denver... for the week. Booo! Dad also shipped my sister's off to super sweet camp at Grandma & Grandpa Davenport's. Lucky dogs!

On Monday, I went over to Miss Anne's as per usual but because of Mom's & my new schedule, we got there quite a bit earlier than Dad and I usually do. All in all, it was a pretty standard day at MA's. Though I did get a battle scar while Logan and I were playing cars. We were playing demolition durby and I lost. It's okay though, it didn't really hurt, in fact we just kept on playing. Click on the pic to see a larger pic.

Grandma Herbert came to pick me up from MA's and we went back to her house while we waited for Mom to get off work. We played some piano and sang some songs and GmaH worked with me on clapping my hands.
Grandpa Herbert was there too and he held me as I did some standing and played with my measuring spoons. I guess these spoons were actually Mom's toys when she was little and now I get to play with them. I guess G&G H don't throw ANYTHING away. Someday I'm gonna have to sneak into the basement and see if I can find any of Mom's other old toys. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an Easy Bake Oven!

It was still just Mom and me today. I think Mom misses Dad because without him there's no one to make her go up to bed at night. I'm pretty sure I heard her come up at three o'clock this morning. Silly Mom! The morning routine was just that which is a pretty good thing really. I had fun over at MA's again today. Logan and I played cars again though no casualties today I'm happy to report. Since Mom is going in to work later, she has to stay later too so GmaH picked me up from MA's and took me to her house again. I was so busy at MA's that I didn't get much sleep so I was a little fussy. GmaH tried to play some piano but I was more in the mood to relax. Grandma Herbert knows how much I love to be outside though we went out front and just watched as the cars and people went by.

After Mom got to G&GH's I was quick to tell her that I was ready for a bottle so she decided to take me home. And that was good decision too because I hadn't had a dirty yet. Yet. I don't tend to get too graphic about my dirties but this one was particularly funny - for me, not Mom. Needless to say my diaper malfunctioned in a major way and I had dirty all up my back, almost to my shoulders. A NEW RECORD! Unfortunately, due to the deal I have with Dad, I owe him a dollar because I saved my dirty for home and not MA's. Wait, so Dad gets the dollar but Mom has to deal with the dirty? Hmm, that doesn't seem fair. Mom was very patient with me though and cleaned me up and gave me a bath. In fact, Mom actually had me sitting in the tub (vs laying on my cot) so I could play with my toys. She didn't seem to want me to play with the water thermometer though which bugged me. I mean, it sure LOOKS like a toy. No worries though, I was clean and happy as can be(an).

Before bed, Mom read me My Animals and Moo, Baa, La, La, La; a perfect end to the day.

Until later,

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