Saturday, September 5, 2009

Light My Fire

Mom and I woke up this morning sans Dad. Mom wras'led me up some bottle and blah (fka rice cereal) though I wasn't keen on the latter. I'm getting pretty good at blocking those solids; sometimes I even block them from getting TO my mouth, let alone in my mouth and down my throat. I know Mom and Dad are pretty pleased when I slap at a spoon full solids and it goes everywhere. (you read sarcasm into that right?) I wonder if the first version of my high chair had some sort of fabric versus the "surface wipeable pad" that's on the current version. I can attest, sweet potatoes come right off the current surface, HA!

I took a short nap but worried that I was missing some tennis. I figured Dad would want to watch tennis too so I took the liberty of waking him up as well. Before you get all sympathetic for my old man, realize that it was 11:00 am when I made this decision. Dad hooked me up with a bottle and then we sat down to watch some tennis. We watched Federer come back from a set down to be Lleyton Hewitt, we saw American Jesse Witten take a set off Djokovic (how do you pronounce that) before losing to the world's number 4 player. We saw 6'7" American Sam Querrey go down to IKEA junkie Robin Soderling and the last match we saw before dinner was 17 yr old American Melanie Oudin take out Maria Sharapova in three sets. THAT WAS AWESOME!

Today is Grandpa Davenport's 39th birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) so we celebrated with Aunt Darty, Uncle Dave and Grandma & Grandpa Davenport at J. Alexander's for Dinner. And mark your calendars because we were actually on time. CRAZY! There was no way I was gonna spend all dinner in my car seat so I made a fuss so Mom would get me out and it was just in time for everyone else to get there. Then I got passed around the table so I could visit with everyone. Here's a visual recap.

I had fun sitting with GmaD during dinner. She's gotten quite adept at eating with one hand thanks to me. At the end of dinner, we ordered some carrot cake which I understand is a specialty of JA's. This was pretty exciting because it's my understanding that my next solid is in fact carrots. Is this what I'm in for? SA-WEET! Also, how cool is fire?

After we got home, we watched the Roddick match on faux-Vo (that's fake Ti-Vo) but he's down two sets to love so I'm going to bed. Good luck Andy!

Until Later,

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