Monday, September 21, 2009

Post Weekend Post

Wow, I have a lot to cover here so try to keep up. On Saturday night we had Aunt Abby and Uncle Scott's engagement party so anything that needed to be done Saturday, had to be done early. Step One? WAKE UP DAD! The weather was perfect so Mom and I wanted to go on a walk before we got too busy. And it was a long walk too - so long that I accidently accidentily accidenttly accidentaly accidentley accidentally (finally spell checked) fell asleep and missed two thirds of it. DOH! I love walks and I fell asleep during our longest one yet? Where's the fable?

With the clock ticking, M&D decided that we were due for a trip to Sam's club. ON A WEEKEND? No, No, No. And of course, that place was a mad house. The most entertaining part of the trip was seeing how full the cart was after hearing M&D say they only needed one thing. Although, it was also pretty entertaining watching how much M&D savored the mini bite of Jimmy Dean's sausage biscuits they got from the sample guy. I believe I heard one of them say, "It's so good I don't want to swallow it." So sad.

After we got back from Sam's, we hurried up (relative to our pace of living) and got ready for the party. I couldn't decide which outfit I wanted to wear (I am my mother's daughter!) so I took my two options with me to the party so I could make a game time decision. Also, this way, I wouldn't get my outfit wrinkly from the seat belts. I ended up going with my Polo Seersucker-esque dress from Aunt Patty's mom Toi. I LOVE the texture of that dress!
M&D FAILED to bring the camera so the only shot I have of the entire party is this lousy cell phone pic. If I find some pics from someone else, I'll be sure to pass them along. I'm the tiny white blob there in the center. Let me know if any of you want hard copies of this gem and I'll order one up. I'm sure the demand with justify a volume discount. All in all, I had a total blast at the party. I got passed around to everyone and their mother (sometimes literally) and then did a stint with Dad in the Bjorn. I was ready to go a bit before M&D so I hitched a ride with Grandma & Grandpa Davenport. I even got to spend the night over at their house! THANKS G&G D!

I woke up Sunday morning and before I knew it, Mom was there to pick me up. What the wha? I knew something had to be up because usually M&D would let me stay over and play with G&G D. And I was right, Mom and I (I assume Dad was sleeping) had breakfast with Uncle Charlie, Grandma and Grandpa Herbert and Jan and Al Ashberg. When we got back home, Aunt Darty and Uncle Dave were there waiting for us because we were tagging along with them to the Chiefs home opener. SWEET! We didn't go in but we tail gated which from what I understand, is usually better than the game anyway. Here are some pics of us at the game. And how ready am I for WBDATK 2010??

Well, I'm still behind a day on the post but I'm tired so I'll have to play catch up again tomorrow.

Until Later,

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