Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I didn't mention it in yesterday's post but Mom & Dad actually videoed my first experience with veggies. The video WAS six minutes but I chopped it down to the best six scenes if you will. I figured you didn't need to see M&D bickering or my mid feeding sneeze. Hope you enjoy.

Watch a larger version at YouTube

It was a little cool again today so Dad had me sportin' some of my new Baby Legs. I don't know if it's the BLs or the angle of the picture but my legs look totally long and skinny. Sweet. I also may have figured out why Logan likes me so much. After MA got me out of my car seat, Logan hopped in and used it as a rocking chair. I feel so used.

After Mom and I got home from MA's, she had me do some roll over training, aka tummy time. I totally teased her by rolling on to my side and after she got all excited, I rolled back to my tummy. She even made Dad come upstairs for nothing. HA! After tummy time we did my five month birthday pics on Mom's giant calendar. Here are a few samples.

The photo shoot totally wore me out so afterward I took a nice long nap. In fact, I napped for so long that Dad had to come wake me up so I could have a bottle around 8:30. Dad thought since I was sleeping with my hands behind my head, that it was picture worthy. I don't know what the big deal is; I just know how to relax. After all, it's in my genes.

After my bottle and sweet potatoes, of which I ate a ton, I did some playing with Dad while we watched first round coverage of the US Open. Dad had his laptop out and when his screen saver came on, I was mesmerized. His screen saver is something called Beziers (a windows standard but if you're unfamiliar, check out an example on YouTube.) You know, something strange must have happened because I don't remember the ten minutes after the screen saver came on and now whenever I hear John McEnroe's voice, I quack like a duck. Odd right?

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  1. Avery - I feel the same way about sweet potatoes. They are totally yucky! Love, Aunt Darty

  2. I just viewed your you tube video no wonder she is spitting it up, I mean I LOVE it when people are LAUGHING in my face while I am trying to eat. Nice work M and D.


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