Sunday, September 6, 2009

Rest Rant

This morning Dad and I woke up around 8:30 and let Mom get some much deserved rest. But because Mom is silly and totally loves me, she woke up within about 30 minutes of us. She essentially did the exact opposite of what Dad does when Mom lets him sleep in. Just when I thought we were going to hunker down for a marathon day of tennis watching, M&D packed me up and we headed out. What the wha?

The only time M&D ever really get up and out of the house in the morning is for food and today was no exception. We headed over to the First Watch at 95th st and despite some old bitty cutting in front of us to put her name on the list, we only had to wait a few minutes. Similar to other recent restaurant outings, I didn't feel it was necessary for me to stay in my car seat while M&D got to enjoy the goings on around us. Knowing that M&D don't want to be "those people" with a crying baby at a resturant restraunt resturant (again) restrant (I'm so awful, I gave up and spell checked) restaurant I started to make a fuss and Dad set me up so I could stand in my car seat (with a little help) and see everyone.

After their food came, M&D took turns holding me so the other could focus on eating. After First Watch we headed over to Home Depot to get some stuff that I imagine would just sit in a bag for eternity. My favorite part? When Dad went to load a SECOND bag of Scott's Seeding Soil into the cart, Mom goes, "two bags? Why don't we wait and see if we ever use the first one." At that point I tightened my car seat belt because I was sure Dad was gonna have a boisterous rebuttle rebuttal but he just goes, "good point" and threw the second bag back on the pile. Then they laughed while I cried a little on the inside. As Dad did battle in the checkout line, Mom and I skipped the mess and headed outside to enjoy the weather.

After HD, we stopped at home just long enough for me say hi to my sisters and have a bottle. Then Dad packed me back up and we headed over to Grandma & Grandpa Davenport's. SWEET! G&G D got me a new toy called Alphabet Pal but I like my toys to have names so I'm gonna call him Alphabet Cal. He is one multi-talented individual. He can say the alphabet, he can say all of his colors, he can do the letter sounds and he can play music and even SING the alphabet song. Whoa, he is awesome. After playing with Cal and GmaD for a while, I tagged along with G&G D for some shopping. First trip was to Crate & Barrel. Um, that place is totally cool but also kind of jam packed. Can something be KIND OF jam packed. Hmm. Anyway, it was like playing a game with G&G D driving me around in the stroller as we zigged past displays and zagged past other crazy shoppers. After C&B, we headed over to Z.Gallerie (the one thing I spell correctly the first time and the store spells it wrong, doh.) Z.G has some totally awesome things for me to look at. I really enjoyed all of the art. Something tells me this won't be the last time GmaD and I hit up Z.G.

Shortly after dinner, M&D came to pick me up and take me home to see my sisters. When we got home, I tried to sit with M&D as they ate dinner but I was TOOO tired so I hammered out his blog and am gonna go hit the hay. But don't tell me what happened at the US Open because M&D recorded it so I'll catch up tomorrow.

Until later,

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