Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Roll Me Away

Today was pretty crazy. Dad woke me up early because we had to get my sisters to Picasso Dog Groomery for their hair appointment with Tak. Tak's shop is at 45th and Main though so it's not exactly around the corner. And of course, Dad hit the snooze button a few times so we were behind the eight ball from the get go. To help Dad out, I decided I'd be a perfect little angel while Dad worked to get his three girls ready and out the door.

After dropping Parker & Penny off at Tak's the next stop was to Miss Anne's. Dad did have to cut some corners this morning to get us out the door. I didn't "get" any solids (bummer) and I just stayed in my jammies rather than getting a new outfit. That certainly is one perk of being a baby; it's generally accepted for me to wear jammies 24/7. MA was pretty understanding too so I wasn't embarrassed or anything. It did get a little warm later in the day so MA changed me into one of the blow out backup onesies we keep in my bag. All in all, it was a fun day at MA's.

So it's official, my first tooth has broken the surface. That's right, it's my Right Mandibular Central Incisor. I'll be honest, I haven't really enjoyed the process and am not looking forward to the next 19 coming in either. Here's an animated reenactment... kind of.

So, first tooth is a pretty big day but I didn't stop there. I ROLLED OVER for the first time today. Mom's official roll-over counter is now at two. The funny thing is, she's been all about me rolling over but I waited until she turned her back to do the first one. HA! But, since I'm a nice kid I went ahead and did another one to make her happy. Then of course Mom called Dad up and of course he brought the video camera. That's when I decided to go on strike though so Dad captured ten minutes of fussines. Here I thought if I rolled over I could then do LESS tummy time since the milestone had been achieved but since M&D want to see it again, I'm having to do even MORE tummy time. Where's the fable?

At least during the after dinner session of TT I got to be on the floor so I could play with my sisters.

While I was playing a little later, Dad slapped me in the middle of the Boppy so I could work on my sitting. Man, these people are never satisfied are they? So for good measure, I rocked this boppy and did some of my best sitting to date.

After some pre-bed carrots (yea?) I had a bath and had yet ANOTHER first. My first bath with toys. May not be as impressive to M&D but it was maybe my favorite part of the day.

Until Later,

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