Thursday, September 3, 2009

Spoon Man

I've been talking the last few days about Dad's new technique to feeding me solids where he just leaves the spoon in my mouth. Well, the honeymoon is over. I've totally figured out how to outsmart Dad and his short lived success. I won't tell you how I'm doing it lest he figures out how to counter but I'm back on the winning side for now.

When we got over to Miss Anne's, everyone was already out front playing. AWESOME! I'm sure MA was happy to see me too because she was there with nothing but boys (lame!) We girls stick together! Despite all of the mini testosterone at MA's I still had a lot of fun. That Logan is an absolute hoot!

After MA's, Mom and I ran some errands which culminated with me napping in my car seat. When I woke up, I did some playing with Mom who wore her college colors a day too early. Doesn't she know that TOMORROW is College Colors Day? I'm looking forward to plenty of purple around our house, that's for sure.

Mom had some work to do so I told her I would sit and read myself a book. I can't believe she fell for it. Duh, I totally just wanted to put it in my mouth. And you know what, despite all the different animals in My Animals the book still tasted like chicken. Odd right?

A little later, I did some playing in my play gym and then it was finally time for dinner. I get a little anxious thinking about what's in store for me from a solids perspective and with good reason. For dinner I had my bottle though I thought it felt a little light. Then I saw that Dad had prepared both sweet potatoes and blah (fka rice cereal.) Oh, and the kicker: ONE SPOON. So, my potatoes tasted blah and my blah tasted sweet potato-e. Not surprising, mixing a little of one into the other doesn't help either taste any better.

After Dinner, I did some playing with Dad while we watched some more US Open coverage. Last night the men played first during the night session for the first time in over 20 years. Unfortunatley, Andy Roddick plays tonight and they've gone back to men playing second so I'll miss his match for the second time already. Boo! So even though tennis was on, I chose to play with Olive the Octopus rather than watch Sharapova the sharny play tennis. (LOVE Merriam-Webster)

Until Later,

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