Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Start 'Em Young

I woke up a little early this morning but instead of snuggling with Dad, I snuggled with my sisters while Dad got ready. Dad just slapped me onto his bed where I got to play with Parker & Penny. Penny actually came and laid next to me and let me kick her in the back a few dozen times. She's so nice.

I had a blast over Miss Anne's today. In fact, it was quite lucrative. Because Dad doesn't like changing dirty diapers (whatever, it's roses) he and I made a deal that I get a dollar for every dirty diaper I do at MA's (no bonus for blowouts - bummer) and owe a dollar for every dirty I do at home. CHA-CHING! I did three dirties at MA's and one at home so I earned two bones today. Awesome!

After Mom and I got home, Dad gave me a new "toy" he got at the dentist yesterday. It's a teething ring slash tooth brush. And that's actually an appropriate name for it too because I only have one tooth (P-RMCI.) You all have many teeth so why isn't it called a teeth brush? I don't get to use toothpaste yet, just water for now but that's cool. The bristles give me a pretty entertaining sensation and you know it's never too early to prevent the gum disease gingevitas gingivitis and don't get me started on Cavity Creeps (they "make holes in teeth.") I think I'll be a pretty regular brusher.

After my oral care, Mom and I did some reading. The first book was Corduroy (see it on my bookshelf below.) It's about a toy bear who's missing a button on his overalls. He searches for a button in his department store but is unsuccessful. Then a little girl uses the money from her piggy bank and buys Corduroy. She loves Corduroy just the way he is but knows that a button would make him happy so she sews a button on his overalls. There's the fable. It's a very cute story. Then we read Dr. Suess's ABC book. It doesn't exactly have a fable but it's a TON of fun to read.
Big R, little r
What begins with R?
Rose's Red Rhinoceros

Later Dad and I read The Berenstain Bears and the Messy Room. It was a bit drawn out but it did make me wish my room were cleaner. Dad still has closet building stuff in there so right now I have a messy room. Where's the fable?

After my dinner Mom, Dad & I went on a walk. It's starting to get darker earlier now and while it wasn't totally dark out, it was dark enough for the street lights to turn on. I love lights and this was the first leisurely stroll I've had to take a look at street lights. Walks; so fun!

I spent the rest of the night playing with the fam. Click on the pictures below to enlarge.

Until Later,

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