Tuesday, September 8, 2009

When the Rain Set In

I've slept in Mom & Dad's room the last two nights because M&D (finally) painted my closet on Sunday. I thought it would have been cozy to sneak into their bed and sleep with my sisters but instead M&D just moved my swing into their room. When I woke up this morning I saw Dad, then he was gone, then I saw him, then he was gone, then I saw him and he stayed but that's because he turned the swing off. It was kinda fun sleeping in M&D's room but I miss my bed so I'm looking forward to tonight.

I was happy to go over to Miss Anne's today because due to the long weekend, it's been 4 days since I've been there. As per usual, I had a lot of fun over at Miss Anne's. Right after I got there we headed outside to watch some of the bigger kids play. It was overcast but comfy which is perfect if you ask me - no squinting. It started to rain a little later and I took full advantage by catching up on my napping. I took two nice long naps which is exactly what I needed after this past weekend.

After Mom and I got home, we went upstairs and added my new books (from yesterday) to my bookshelf. And while we waited for Dad to get off work, mom read me Dr. Suess's ABC book (on the shelf at the bottom of the blog.)
Big C,
little c,
what begins with C
Camel on the Ceiling.

When Dad got done working, he came up to started installing my new closet shelving and rod. He was making quite a bit of noise but I still managed to fall asleep, even if it was only between hammerings. Dad still has some work to do but hopefully I'll have a usable closet soon!

For dinner, we went to Barley's to play with Aunt Abby. AA played with us a lot while we were there which was great for us but I'm not too sure how it worked out for her other customers. I'm not too worried about it though. M&D forgot to pack the camera so you have to suffer through another phone pic. Minus 5 points M&D!

When we got home, I did some playing with Olive and MAY have peeked at the TV a few times to catch some tennis. I cannot wait until Grandpa Herbert can teach me how to play. I'm zapped so I'm gonna call it a night.

Until Later,

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