Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Saint Louis Fashion Week began yesterday. You'll notice I didn't add a link though because I am officially boycotting the event.

If you recall from one of my last posts in August, Aunt Abby was trying to get into Saint Louis Fashion Week via a contest where people voted for their favorite designers. I know I personally voted for AA many times and urged my readers to do so as well. The six designers with the most votes were supposed to be the ones that showed at SLFW. Well, apparently nepotism and scandalism (additional reference) are rampant inside SLFW because after weeks and weeks of voting, they threw out the results and just chose the six they wanted. This included at least two designers that had previously shown, one of which was actually an apprentace apprentice to the contest director. Now, I'm not a doctor but that sounds a bit fishy. Wait, I'm not a fisherman but that sounds... er, wait, something about malpractice? I don't know. Any way, here's a picture of AA and me when we found out the she wouldn't get to show.

I spit (up) in their general direction!!

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