Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Color Me Good

I can't believe how nice it was yesterday. After having to be all bundled up last week, yesterday was an extra special treat. We even got to play outside a little over at Miss Anne's and were out there when Mom came to pick me up.

When we got home I was actually pretty tired and tried to take a nap but right after Dad got done with work, they packed me up and we hopped in the car. I was eager to see where we were headed and was pretty excited when we headed toward 103rd and Metcalf. And of course, that's because what's near 103rd and Metcalf is 105th and Metcalf and what's near 105th and Metcalf is CHUCK E CHEESE'S!!! I've wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese's my WHOLE life and I thought yesterday was gonna be the day. (side note, www.chuckecheese.com is the main site but www.chuckecheeses.com redirects you to the employment section. Makes perfect sense?) So I was all hyped for CEC's but M&D took me to Locks and Pulls. Yeah, Locks and Pulls. Where's the fable? I guess M&D want new cabininet [sic] hardware for the kitchen. Come on, you got 70's yellow counter tops and CARPET in the kitchen. New cabininet [sic] hardware is like puttin' lipstick on a pig.

After L&P we went to Macaroni Grill for dinner. For awhile I was content sitting in my chair playing with my ducky but eventually I got fussy (due to a wet diaper probably, without the green stripe only I know for sure.) So Dad broke me outta Shawshank and set me up in my seat so I could actually sit up, which everyone knows I love. For some reason Dad set me up facing the wall which was pretty boring so I let him know I wanted to swing around so I could see and be seen.
Sitting that was was WAY more fun. Dad even taught me how to make a hand traced Turkey which has me looking past Halloween to THANKSGIVING -- YUM! I was actually pretty facinated fasinated fastenated facenated fascinated (spell checked) with things drawn on the table cloth. I could see them but when I tried to grab them, I couldn't feel anything. Peculiar.

Today was pretty nice again and again I got to spend some time outside at MA's. When I got home, I played in my gym for about 90 minutes before I finally needed a diaper changing (probably.) I feel like 90 minutes of playing by myself is pretty solid. Just reiterating how lucky you are M&D. It's been a pretty chill night but I'm ready for bed. After all, I'll need my rest for SWIM LESSONS tomorrow!

Until Later,

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