Thursday, October 15, 2009


It's been several days since I've done a post which means I have way too much to blog about. So, I've decided just to post a few pictures.

On Monday morning, Dad was running around trying to get my bag ready for Miss Anne's so I decided to sit down with a book. I know how this one ends but it's my favorite book... to chew one. Sometimes when Dad thinks I'm looking particularly cute in the morning, he takes my picture before he takes me to MA's. This is the first time I've worn this totally cute outfit so he insisted on taking a pic. And he was right to insist because I did NOT come home in the same outfit because... well, you can probably guess why.

Two of my favorite toys right now are my stackable rings. As I was playing with them the other day, I thought I saw a familiar pattern used by the federal gov't. However, where Fisher-Price stayed true to the color wheel, the Department of Homeland Security decided to buck the system. I assume they wanted to follow classic stop light order with Red on the top, Yellow in the middle and Green on the bottom. I like FP's version better. Oh, and by the way, the current threat level is Yellow - Significant Risk of Terrorist Attacks. Yikes! Also, the Orange Ring is highly delicious!

This is just a pic of Dad and I playing Wednesday post bath. Dad keeps it a little chilly in the house though so Mom had me wear this cute little hat. It's only October and I can already tell that Mom is gonna be a crazy person when it comes to protecting me from the cold weather. If I have to bundle up like this IN the house, what am I gonna have to wear when we go out in December??? What I really need is my size snuggy (or slanket) -- GO! She really should be embarrassed too because while my jammies and hat are both polka dotted, they do NOT match. Seriously, fashion is foremost and comfort second. Duh, every girl knows that! I mean, just take a look women's shoes; the evidence is all right there.

As I was playing with my rings this afternoon, I managed to get one on my leg. That's apparently picture worthy. I used it as an excuse to put my other foot in my mouth.

Mom, Dad and I had dinner with Aunt Darty and Grandma & Grandpa Davenport tonight at Houlihans. Shortly after we got there, I started whining so GmaD would hold me. I have her totally wrapped around my littlest of fingers. And she totally indulges me too; she fell for the, "Hey What's That -- Made ya look!" She's so silly!

Oh, Happy Anniversary to Mom & Dad. I guess they've been married for like four years or something. Here I just assumed it was a shot gun wedding because of me - who knew?

Until Later,

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