Monday, October 5, 2009

Great Expectations

On Friday, Mom had to work and Grandma Herbert is in California so Grandma Davenport played hooky to babysit me. YEA! To make the drop off, Dad and I were supposed to meet G&G D at First Watch for breakfast. Unfortunately, the drop was scheduled for the crack of dawn which does not meld well with our regular morning lifestyle. To start with, Dad had to wake ME up rather than vice a versa. To his credit, he didn't seem vengeful or anything though which seems like a pretty good quality for a Dad. Believe it or not (I couldn't) we were only five minutes late to breakfast. How sad is it that I'm claiming success because we failed by a small margin rather than failing by a large margin. Lovely. I had a lot of fun with G&G D at breakfast but my battery is about to die so I'll have to finish telling you about the rest of my weekend another time.

Until Later,

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