Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I am... I said

"LA's fine, the sun shines most of the time and the feeling is laid back. Palm trees grow and rents are(n't) low but you know I keep thinkin' about makin my way back.

LA's fine but it ain't home" -- SO COME HOME GRANDMA HERBERT!

I know I'm way behind on my posts so I'm gonna try to bust the last few days out; just hitting the highlights.

I felt like Monday was a pretty average day but I must have worked up quite an appetite because for dinner, I had a bottle followed by a serving of squash which I wolfed down in a record number of bites but I was STILL hungry. Mom suggested that Dad not give me any more veggies because maybe I didn't need more fiber so Dad went with oatmeal instead. That's right, I had a full bottle, a serving of veggies AND a serving+ of oatmeal. I am my father's daughter!

While Dad was getting ready Tuesday morning, he had me on M&D's bed with my sisters. He decided that since I was sitting up so well, he'd go ahead and break out my Kushies Baby Zolo Boa Stacking Rings. Great's Uncle Dale and Aunt Suzi got me this ages ago but it's a 6+ month toy so it's been put away until now. The rings are soft and have fun edges that I LOVE to play with and as a bonus, they each make a sound when you squeeze the right spot. From bottom to top, the rings say Chirp, Moo, Oink, Ribbit and HeHeHe. What's funny is that the packaging lists out these sounds in three languages, English, French and a third I don't know. Apparently French for Ribbit is Krouik-Krouik. Crazy Frenchies! What's crazier is that after Mom and I got home, we played up in my room and she broke out the classic version of stackable rings without even knowing that I'd played with the Boa in morning. Whoa great minds!

After dinner on Tuesday night (crushed some more squash but no oatmeal that time around) I did some snuggling with Mom, sister Penny and Olive (that's Olive at the bottom of the pic -- NICE FRAMING DAD!)

As for today, I've just been exhausted. I napped for about four hours over at Miss Anne's, then again for about three hours after I got home. Who knows how long I would have slept if Mom didn't come wake me up for dinner. Mom tried to start dinner with oatmeal but I wasn't in the mood; I wanted my bottle! And it was delicious. After dinner I played with Mom until she went to bed (quitter) then I played by myself for bit longer. I LOVE being able to sit up. It makes playing so much more fun! Uh oh, Dad just caught me in a yawn so I know he's gonna make me go to bed now.

Until Later,

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  1. so I was just catching up on the posts and I realized that you missed grandma h a lot but obviously did not miss Aunt Abby very


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