Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Can('t) See Clearly Now

Yikes, I have to get back to blogging more regularly because trying to catch up on multiple days is killer. For instance, I was going through pictures on the "still" camera and found this video from two weeks ago. It's just a quick little vid and the quality isn't great but since I've been so stingy with the videos lately, I thought I'd go ahead and post this in arrears.

This is me opening my October Book of the Month book. The BOTM is one of my favorite gifts because it keeps on giving... literally and figuratively (SWEET!) Unbeknownst (which blogspot tried to change to Unbeknown St even though Merriam-Webster confirms my spelling) to me, the BOTM books have been coming wrapped in gift wrap all this time but until this month, I had no idea. Where's the fable Dad! I guess I'm finally old enough to unwrap presents and drive and vote and well... maybe just that first one. Anyway, this is me unwrapping the BOTM...kind of.

The book is called We're Going on a Bear Hunt but, um, I like bears and I certainly do NOT hunt. I did not LOVE this book but it's probably just because Mom & Dad did not put as much effort into their reading as the author did on YouTube. I would LOVE to see Dad act the book out like this. And I promise, if he ever does, it's going straight to YouTube as well.

Oh, and while I'm playing catch up, here's a pic of Aunt Darty and me from when M&D went to see David Sedaris. Unfortunately it's a little blurry which is probably why it didn't make the cut last week. I foresee a new camera on M&D's Christmas list. I mean, I'm not gonna keep wasting my time smiling for them if all of their pictures turn out blurry.

Okay, now on to more recent days. On Sunday, M&D went to the Chiefs game with, well, pretty much everyone. Everyone except Grandma Davenport who was kind enough to babysit my sisters and me. We had SO much fun! I just love dancing and jumping in my jumper. AHHHH! (Side note, I just looked at the title of the post I linked to and it took me a minute to figure out what the title meant. If I have to work to remember why I titled a post the way I did, I can't imagine what you all must think at the time.)

On Monday, I went over to Miss Anne's and did lots of playing with Logan and when I got home, I did lots of playing with Penny. Penny is very tolerant with me which I really appreciate because I just love grabbing her ears or collar or tags or pretty much any handful of fur I can get. Parker on the other hand comes in for a kiss and then settles herself just outside of my reach. Mental Note: New reason to work on crawling! Here are a few (blurry) pics of me playing with Penny.

On Monday night, Mom & Dad went to see Ben Folds in Lawrence. Hey M&D, where's the fable with your busy social schedule, huh??? Anyway, I guess it was just BF and a piano on stage which makes me mad that I missed it because you know how much I LOVE the piano. But the good news for me was that I got to go visit Grandma and Grandpa Herbert and even got to do some playing with Aunt Abby and Uncle Scoot [sic]. We did some singing and piano playing of our own so eat your heart out BF!

Today has been pretty chill. I've been doing lots of playing with Mom tonight. I think she'll probably sleep like a baby because I sure kept her busy! Of course, I've worn myself out in the process so I'm off to bed my self.

Until Later,

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