Monday, October 19, 2009

I Foresee Turkey

On Sunday Mom, Dad and I had "breakfast" with Grandma and Grandpa Herbert and Aunt Abby and Uncle Scoot at First Watch. Of course, it was "breakfast" because we weren't supposed to meet them until 12:30 and true to our family's form, we LEFT THE HOUSE at 12:30. Classic Us. Fortunately we went to the FW over on Mission so we had 22 minutes (per Google maps) to come up with an excuse for our tardiness. Not surprisingly, I fell on the sword and took responsibility. I wanted a bottle and needed a bath and M&D tried to squeeze both into an insufficient window of time. Lucky for us and true to their form, AA & US showed up AFTER we did. Poor G&G H could have eaten and left before any of us even got there.

After breakfast, we went to Target because it had been nearly 24 hours since Dad and I were there yesterday. The only fun thing we picked up was my Dora the Explorer Splashers Swim Pants -- aka swimming diapers. I start swimming lessons on Wednesday and as much fun as I have in the tub, I'm really looking forward to swimming. I'm super curious how these diapers are supposed to work. I'm guessing the pool people have completely resigned to the fact that babies are gonna pee in the pool and just hope the "swim pants" contain any dirty that may happen. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!

On Sunday night, M&D dropped me over at G&G H's so they could go to an off Broadway show called Spring Awakening. It was actually on Broadway in New York, in fact it won 8 Tonys in 2007 including Best Musical. However, in Kansas City, the Music Hall is a block east of Broadway. I know, I'm awful.

I had a lot of fun over and G&G H's though. We playd some paddy cake and GpaH played the piano while GmaH and I did some singing. I love the piano!

M&D didn't take any pictures on Sunday - FAIL - so here's a picture preview of tomorrow's post. And yes, that means I'm going to bed now.

Until Later,

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