Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pop the Collar

On Thursday morning, Dad took advantage of the nice weather and dolled me up in the cute dress from above. And while he was getting things ready in the morning, I took the opportunity to play with my rings. Thursday was pretty average in general. The end of the night was pretty sweet though because I got to web-cam with Uncle Stearns an Aunt Robin. Also, it was (um, cousin?) Ernie's 1st birthday so I wished her a happy birthday too.

Friday was one of Mom's off Fridays so I knew it was going to be totally awesome. I woke up around 7:30 and after breakfast Mom and I did lots of playing. We actually played a little TOO much because we were late for lunch with Grandma Herbert, Grandma Davenport, and Aunt Darty. We had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and they have the most fantastic lights there!

After lunch we sent Dad back to work and we headed over to the Holiday Mart. That place was a crazy mad house! I could have worn out the batteries of the camera taking pictures of all the nut jobs at that place. Fortunately I decided to hold off on the pictures to spare you readers.

On Friday night, M&D and I went to Jack Stack for dinner but it wasn't our usual JS, it was the Freight Yard JS which means it must have been something special. Uncle Jeff and Tia Emily are in town so we met the two of them, their friends Kyle and Mary, Uncle Dave and AD and even Uncle Tim. Whoa, B-U-S-Y! It was a lot of fun but after only napping for about an hour all day, I had to get home early and go to bed.

Today has been pretty chill. Just lots of playing with M&D and Parker and Penny. I have to go to bed now though because I have a busy day of playing with GmaD tomorrow. SWEET!

Until Later,

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