Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Save Money, Live Better

Sorry I had to cut yesterday's post short but my battery was dying and I didn't know where Dad had the cord hidden. Dad went to a Kansas Motor Speedway this weekend and took all his toys with him. And when he got home Sunday, he just threw his stuff all over the place and I wasn't about to go digging.

Back to Friday: Grandma Davenport was baby sitting so I KNEW we were in for some shopping. SWEET! GmaD has shown me how fantastic shopping is and even taught me how to calculate sale prices. I was on pins and needles (ouch!) waiting to see where we'd go: Nordstrom, The Plaza, Von Maur?!?! NOPE, we went to Wal-Mart! Awesome poop. Did you know that a family of four could save up to $900 a year by switching to a Kelloggs breakfast over fast food -- sorry, I don't know where that came from. Actually, it wasn't all that bad. Grandma has a little umbrella stroller for me to ride around in and since I can sit up so well now, I don't miss a thing. And WM was RIPE for some sweet people watching. There were some real pieces of work there and I couldn't help but laugh. I think GmaD was having fun too because we stayed at WM for an otherwise unnecessarily long amount of time.

Back at GmaD's, we were gonna take walk or even go to a park but the weather wouldn't cooperate. Boo! It's okay though, GmaD and I stayed plenty busy playing inside all day. Mom came to pick me up after work and when we got home I took a nice little nap... that turned into full on sleep. My nap started around 5:30 Friday evening and I didn't wake up until 6:30 Saturday morning. That was some nap!

All this time I figured it was Mom that kept us busy during our weekends but while Dad was gone, Mom and I just relaxed. So I'm transferring blame to Dad now. Though Mom and I did go visit Grandpa Herbert to keep him some company while Grandma Herbert and Aunt Abby are in California. I had a lot of fun playing with GpaH but I miss GmaH. I haven't seen her in FOREVER. You better come home soon GmaH or I may forget what you look like!

Until Later,

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