Thursday, October 22, 2009


Yesterday was pretty normal for the most at least until it wasn't. Shortly after Dad got off work, Mom got me dressed in a fun new outfit and the three of us headed out. We went to a place called the Jewish Community Center which was pretty awesome looking. As it turns out, today was the first day of swim lessons. Mom & Dad have been hyping these swim lessons for awhile now and true to form, Dad videoed the whole thing.

Here are two minutes that are pretty representative of the whole experience.

Sorry about the poor video quality, I'll see if I can fix it.
Here's a higher quality version on YouTube

As I mentioned, M&D have been talking about these swim lessons for several weeks. They figured that since I love my baths so much, I'll love swimming. "It's just like a big bath tub," Dad said. Really? I'm going to have to disagree. First of all, my bath tub is nice and quite where as the pool was loud and echoey (not a word? I'm shocked.) In my bath tub, I'm the only one splashing and in the pool, I am not. I'm sure all of you would agree that splashing is VERY different than being splashed. In my bath tub, there's 6 inches of water, in the pool there's 48 inches of water. I know Mom was holding me but I didn't like not being able to touch the bottom. And lastly, my bath water is between 90 and 100 degrees; the pool? NOT!

So, swimming lessons weren't real coo [sic] but I'm told by my boyfriend Evan that they get better. I hope he's right!

After swimming, M&D ditched me to go see David Sedaris at the Midland. It was cool though because Uncle Dave and Grandpa Davenport are out of town so Aunt Darty and Grandma Davenport had a slumber party and I'm the only one they invited. Sweet! When I got there GmaD was still at work (BOO!) so AD and I did some playing and before too long, I was exhausted. So, AD put me to bed and I didn't even get to see Gmad... until M&D came to get me. When I woke up, GmaD was there and we got to play for a few minutes before Dad made us leave. Boo!

It's okay though, on Friday I get to play with Mom, BOTH Gmas and AD at a place called holiday mart. I can't wait... probably.

Until Later,

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