Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Clean Sweep

Miss Anne took yesterday off so Dad took the day off to take care of me. SWEET! After some playing (and napping - for both of us) in the morning, we met Aunt Darty and Grandma & Grandpa Davenport and G&GD's for lunch. GmaD was nice enough to take the afternoon off as well so Dad could work - LAME! GmaD decided that we'd start our afternoon at the grocery store and upon hearing that, Dad decided to tag along so he could see the maiden voyage of my cart protector and me sitting in the cart along with it.

We did lots of playing in the afternoon but Dad ruined it by coming to get me. I wasn't done playing yet but I know GmaD was very busy so it was probably for the best. Shortly after we got home, Grandma & Grandpa Herbert came over to help clean our garage. Actually GpaH came to help clean and GmaH came to take care of me so M&D could contribute to the cleaning as well. The garage looks so nice now. All this time I just assumed that the floor was supposed to be covered with leaves and paper scraps. Who knew?

I was back at MA's today and as a special surprise, Dad came to pick me up instead of Mom. Apparently Dad is always showing pictures of me to the nurses that give him allergy shots but today he decided to surprise them with the genuine article. I got to meet Mary today but Janelle was home sick so she missed out. I can't believe that I finally make an appearance and Janelle isn't even there. Where's the fable?

A little later tonight, Dad and I gave Mom a break so she could do some work and headed over to G&G D's to watch the World Series of Poker main event finale with GpaD and Aunt Darty. Do you know what the odds are that I would just sit and play while they watched tv? Well, I learned tonight that I wouldn't bet on it! But hey, it got late and I got tired so I took a little nap but not before doing some playing with GpaD

Until Later,

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