Sunday, November 1, 2009

It Wasn't Me

Wednesday was kind of a fun treat because after Miss Anne's, Mom and I went over to play with Grandma and Grandpa Herbert at their house. And as a special treat, Linda Baker was in town so I got to play with her TOO! Holy cow, and if that wasn't fun enough, Aunt Abby and Uncle Scoot [sic] were there too. Needless to say I was getting a TON of attention. Unfortunately we went over there without a camera so I have no proof that such fun was actually had. I guess you'll have to take my word for it. Come on, would this face lie?
Wait, what am I talking about, of course it would. I can see it now:

Dad: "Avery, did you use your markers on the wall?"
Avery: "Nope, it must have been Penny."

A little later that night, Grandpa Davenport stopped by to give something to Dad. While he was there I thought I'd get some hugs. Two grandpas in one day -- SWEET!

Thursday was "dress up" day at Miss Anne's... kind of. I may have been the only one that participated but that's okay. AA and GmaH worked really hard on my Strawberry Shortcake costume and I got to wear it multiple times which not a lot of people can say about their Halloween costumes. (is it wrong that I have to "sing" the spelling of Halloween to get it right - Ech, Eh, Double El, Oh, Double You, Double E, En, that's Halloween.) I got to wear it once for my fancy pictures done by Sarah Maxey Photography. Once over to MA's (right) and once on Halloween to go "Trick or Treating" at my respective grandparents.

But now I've jumped ahead to Saturday so I digress. On Friday night, M&D threw a Halloween party so GmaD came to get my sisters and me. Apparently M&D were worried they couldn't properly care for their children while dressed up like pieces from the classic Nintendo game Tetris. Here are a few pics; click to enlarge.
Um, yeah, I'd say their concern was valid. Besides, I had a TON of fun with G&G D. First we went to J. Alexander's for Uncle Dave's birthday. There was only one candle on the carrot cake so I assume it was a lower case "L" denoting he just turned 50! On Saturday morning, I tagged along with G&G D to breakfast. M&D didn't join us so I assume they were busy at home cleaning. That sounds like them right? I do have to give it to GmaD. I really tried to break her babysitting spirit by having an unprecedented THREE diaper malfunctions in less than 24 hours. Poor GmaD... and GpaD... and AD. I think they all got to experience the fun that MA gets to go through on a regular basis. Hey, a bucks a buck and Dad owe's me three now!

On Saturday night, M&D took me trick or treating over at G&G H's then to G&G D's. See pics above.

On Sunday Mom had a Bridal Show for Paper Mill Designs so Dad and I went to breakfast with G&G D and AD & UD. Haven't they had enough of me yet??? My teeth were bothering me a bit but I tried to be good for as long as possible.
At one point G&G D tried to distract me with the Walgreen's flyer. It worked... for a bit anyway. That reminds me, I need diapers.

After I took a few naps (as I suspect Dad did as well) we went to visit Mom at the convention center. GmaH and AA were there visiting/helping as well so that was a bonus. The only thing cooler than seeing AA wearing sunglasses inside was me getting to play with my first balloon! AWESOME! Then of course AA stuck the balloon to her head which I thought was pretty funny too.

Okay, well, I'm exhausted now, not from my day but from typing this blog so I'm off to bed.

Oh, but before I go I want to wish my sister Parker Posey a happy 5th birthday. I LOVE YOU POOZ!

Until Later,

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