Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lord of the Rings

The daycare rule of thumb is that one must be fever free for 24 hours before one can go back. Since my fever was first realized around three o'clock yesterday, I was automatically not allowed to go to school today. I know Mom was pretty bummed that she was forced to take a snow day on her birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!) just to take care of me. Silly mom, trying to work on her birthday.

Because I've had a cold going on three weeks now, when the fever popped up M&D decided it was definitely time for a trip to the doctor. When we got there I still had a fever (taken under my arm THANKFULLY!) and after talking with Mom for a bit the doctor decided I had several symptoms of the flu so he decided to test me. Guess who doesn't like having a swab up her nose. ME, THAT'S WHO!

Fortunately the test for regular flu and H1N1 came back negative so it's some other sort of virus. Uh, sweet?

I just chilled out at home for the rest of the day and after Dad got off work, we gave Mom her birthday cards. Have you guys ever played with an envelope? I didn't know this but they are totally awesome. And delicious!

After thoroughly (I honestly can't believe I spelled that correctly on one try) destroying that envelope, Olive and I were left to play with my rings. For some reason Dad decided to record me playing and in my ongoing effort to become over exposed, I've uploaded it for y'all. It's five minutes of me not doin' much so buckle in.

Well, I'm tired again so I think I'm gonna go take a 14 hour nap.

Until Later,

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