Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Prodigious Saliva Production

Yesterday may have started out like most others but it finished with a bang. After Mom and I got home, we only had a short time to get ready before we were off to swim lessons. "What's that," you say, "I thought swim lessons were on Wednesdays." Well, you're right but Monday was a make up day for a lesson that was cancelled a few weeks back. And as Miss Mary promised, it's getting a bit more tolerable with each lesson. I was a bit upset in the beginning but then Mom let me chill on my back with my head resting on her shoulder as she supported the rest of me in her arms. I guess this is called the back stroke? It was totally easy and if this is swimming, I'M IN! If I could incorporate some sort of cup holder for a beverage-my bottle of course-it would be the perfect set up. Hmm, I may have to look into that....

After swim lessons, we met the fam for dinner at Nick & Jake's but I was in for a surprise - Greats Uncle Dale & Aunt Suzi came to town for Thanksgiving! Sweet! AS was trying to take some pictures of me so I decided to play a game where I did my best NOT to smile. I thought being stingy with the smiles was pretty funny... which really only made it even harder not to smile! I know a lot of pictures were taken but apparently not by M&D because their camera had zippo to offer. BOOOO!

After school today I did a LOT of playing. In Dad's office, in M&D's room and a lot of time in my gym with approximately all my toys.
My favorite game right now is to throw all of my toys outside of my gym which means either M&D have to pick them or I get to go on safari looking for them. Unfortunately I can't go far just yet so I kinda just hang from the gym.

For dinner, we went to the Herford House for Grandma & Grandpa Davenports Anniversary. I think they've been married for like a hundred years or something! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Aside from G&G D and M&D, I also got to play with Great Aunt Nancy, Aunt Darty & Uncle Dave.
While I was playing with AN, I tried to peruse the HH menu because I was pretty sure it would just be something like this old picture to the right but as it turns out is just a bunch of words. Boring! I mean, you'd have to be some kind of schmuck (learned that at swim lessons) to get anything but cow at the HH. To that end, UD got chicken. Where's the fable???

On the way to and from HH, M&D decided to take the cold weather seriously and forced me into a new hat. See if you can guess how I feel about it.

I have a couple of other pics from tonight but not surprisingly they're either blurry or involve closed eyes. Boo!

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else takes it when you're gone.

Until Later,

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