Sunday, November 8, 2009

Safety First

Friday was Mom's regular Friday day off so I got to spend the whole day with her. Unfortunately Mom had a lot of work to do for Paper Mill Designs. I was still battling my fever on Friday so I had a few naps interspersed throughout the day. When I wasn't napping, Mom would set up a "play station" next to her "work station" so she could keep an eye on me. In the picture below, she was working at the dining room table so I got to play nearby. How do you like the pillow safety feature protecting my head from the corner of the doorway should I fall backwards. I can't wait until I get mobile and they have to expand their child safety precautions. I foresee scotch tape covering the power outlets loose string keeping the cabininets [sic] shut. Brutal.
In the afternoon, Mom really had to buckle down and get some serious work done so she "invited" Grandma Herbert over to play with me. How GmaH got out of the house without getting a picture of us I'll never know.

On Saturday morning I woke up without a fever - YEA! And since I was feeling better, I got up nice and early (6:30) to start playing. FUN! I don't remember the specifics around this picture but I was practicing my standing and something got me just a little upset. Why M&D felt it necessary to immortalize on film (so to speak) I'll never know.

A little later Dad and I met Aunt Darty & Uncle Dave over to Grandma & Grandpa Davenport's to watch the K-State v KU game. The game was fairly close which forced me through a whole range of emotions before KSU finally won.

On Saturday night M&D had a wedding reception to go to so I got pawned off on G&G H. It was GpaH's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY GPAH!) which means I was able to get my hands on another envelope -- SWEET! We did a lot of the usually awesome stuff including some singing and piano playing and despite just a few short naps, I was still awake at 1:00 or so when M&D came to pick me up. Thanks for taking care of me G&GH, I had a blast!

Holy cow, just thinking about how late I was up is making me tired. Guess I'll have to cover today on another day.

Until Later,

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