Monday, November 9, 2009

Sitting Bull

On Sunday Mom, Dad and I met Aunt Abby, Grandma and Grandpa Herbert for breakfast, brunch or lunch at First Watch to celebrate GpaH's birthday. When we got there, Dad asked the server if we could trade in the car seat sling for a high chair. The server looked at me then back at Dad and goes, "A high chair... are you sure?" Boy, she had some nerve on her to question my sitting ability. I totally rock sitting and M&D finally decided I could join everyone else at the table like a big girl. SWEET!
I love being at the table but that doesn't mean I don't want something to play with. GmaH knew that I wanted a toy and offered me a spoon to play with but Dad put the kibosh on that - DOH! Apparently Dad doesn't want me to be the loud kid in the restaurant that's banging a spoon on the table. Where's the fable?? Fortunately AA had brought a birthday card for Mom which meant there was an ENVELOPE to play with. YESSSS!

Here's a pic of me with the birthday boy. Look how well GpaH and I go together. He's wearing a fancy tie that I really like playing with and I was wearing my fancy Ralph Lauren seersucker like cotton dress. Very fancy!

After breakfast, brunch or lunch M&D and I headed down south, I assume because M&D are masochists. We went to Babies R Us and Sam's Club at two o'clock on a Sunday afternoon. I've already blocked the memory out if that tells you anything.

For dinner, M&D and I met Aunt Darty, Uncle Dave and Grandma & Grandpa Davenport for dinner at cheesecake factory. Again we swapped out the sling for car seat but this time we didn't get any lip from the server. This dinner was in celebration of Mom and UD's birthdays. This was awesome news for me because A. there were envelopes and B. there was a ton of tissue paper for me to play with.

I know I'm still a day behind but it's already way past my bed time.

Until Later,

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