Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Strangers with Candy

So, I think I may be in withdrawal. My parents have not taken a picture of me in two full days. I'm sure that's not a big deal for some but I have over 600 pictures OF ME uploaded to Picasa. That's like 3 a day for every day I've been alive. And not all the pictures that are taken are even uploaded so I'm sure there have probably been several hundred that have been less than upload worthy. kind of seems like a lot. If I end up needing glasses (and I will) I'll always wonder if it's because of all the flashes.

Unfortunately a lot of you readers stop by just to see pictures so I feel bad when I don't have one. So, I dug into some of my stock footage and found a set of pics that didn't make it into a post. Here I am three weeks ago (wearing an outfit that just got retired) playing with my Mozart Music Cube. For those of you not in the know, the MMC has pictures of instruments (harp, French horn, piano, flute and violin) on five sides with the sixth side representing all instruments. When you push one side, a song plays using that instrument and you can add the others as you go along. Or you can push the "orchestra" side to hear all instruments. It's a lot of fun and as far as toys that make noise go, it's one of the most tolerable.

There, I hope you got your fix. In other news, Mom has taken embarrassing me to a new level. Mom PURPOSELY submitted pictures of her and Dad's Halloween costume to USA Today's pop culture blog - PopCandy... and they posted it! I hope M&D don't waste there whole 15 minutes of fame on this because that's just not smart time management. Though if you know my M&D, you know time management isn't one of their strong suits so I wouldn't doubt it.

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