Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cluster Nut

Dad left town Wednesday morning so it was just us girls at home.... until Wednesday night when Mom ditched us to go to opening night of The Nutcracker. That was okay with me though because that meant I got to go play with Aunt Darty and Grandpa Davenport. I had SO much fun playing with them in my bouncy chair (to be clear, I was the only one in my bouncy chair, they were sitting in regular chairs.) AD & GpaD had me laughing so hard I practically wet myself. Fortunately I had taken the proper protective measures for just such an event!

On Thursday, Mom and I read a few books and played FORT! I'm sure we did some other things too but I'll be honest, I have the attention span of a six month old and can't remember much else.



It's my understanding that Dad came home on Friday but I must have gone to bed already because I didn't see him until Saturday morning. Had I known Dad was home, I probably would have woken up a lot earlier but as it was, I slept until after 8:00. And Dad and I did so much playing after my bottle, that I was worn out by 10:00. So worn out that I took a three hour nap! After I woke up, Dad and I did some playing with Mom but then she left for a cookie exchange party. What the wha? Cookie exchange? I "got" to help Mom make nutclusters Friday night but didn't get to go to the cookie party? It's just like last week where I "got" to help make and decorate cookies and didn't get to enjoy them. Where's the fable?

Since Mom ditched Dad and I, we decided to meet G&G D, AD & Uncle Dave at PF Changs for an early dinner. I sat in my high chair for a little while but then decided it would probably be more fun to get fussy so everyone would feel obligated to hold me. Like shootin' fish in a barrel. I got passed around pretty successfully but ended with Dad. Here are some pics.

I have more to cover from this weekend but I'm crazy tired so it will have to wait.

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

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