Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Talk to the Moose!

I was in for a fun surprise today because despite what I wrote yesterday, the big kids at Miss Anne's did NOT have school today. Sweet! I set out to rip the SMSD and its calendar today but after double checking, it turns out I may have just misread the calendar. Whatever, why would they have school on JUST Monday? Ending the semester on a Monday makes about as much sense as starting the semester on a Thursday. Where's the fable? Regardless, it was a nice surprise and I had SO much fun!

Dad picked me up early from MA's so he could take me to allergy shots with Aunt Darty. Janelle, one of the nurses, has been bugging and bugging and bugging Dad to bring me in so we could meet. Dad finally got tired of the endless nagging a little over a month ago and brought me in. Naturally, Janelle was out sick that day so Dad didn't get credit for the visit. SO, as an early Christmas present, Dad brought me in for another visit and this time Janelle WAS there. She is very nice and promised to introduce me to her new grand daughter so we can be friends. Sweet!

After Dad and I got home, we chilled for about the blink of an eye then headed back out with Mom. We made a few random stops before reaching our target destination: The Bass Pro Shop! I know you're thinking, "of course, the Davenport's love fishing and the outdoors in general," and thus are not surprised by this trip. However, this trip was made with one thing in mind: SANTA! Apparently Santa keeps hours at BPS so kids such as myself can make gift requests.

Somehow, we were not the only people with this idea because the line was quite long. Along the way we were able to entertain ourselves by browsing some of the products on the nearby displays. One such item was this stuffed moose which I thought was pretty cute until I realized it was missing a body and was being sold as a stuffed moose trophy head! Yikes!

This may shock some of you but the BPS is a fantastic place for people watching. I'll share my favorite example though it was difficult to narrow it down. BPS hands out what they call a "Santa Photo Bass Pass" which supposedly allows you shop without loosing your place in line. Well, upon receipt of said Bass Pass, I overheard one Mom ask her four kids if they wanted to "go look at guns." If you didn't read that in an uneducated redneck hick voice, go back and try again. Perfect!

After about a half hour, I finally got my opportunity to sit on Santa's lap. If you've held me any time in the last few months, you know I love to grab people's faces and any long hair I can get my hands on. Santa? JACKPOT!

After Santa we stopped by Ruby Tuesday's so M&D could have some dinner. I was a pretty good girl but eventually got bored and was able to talk Mom into playing Peek-a-boo with me.

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

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