Friday, January 29, 2010

People in Glass Houses....

I'm heading out on the road today and since I'm not sure when I'll be able to post, I decided to crank one out before Mom and I hit the road. We're going to visit Great Grandma Chapman, Great Aunt Neecy and Great Uncle Tim. Grandma Herbert will be there too so I guess she gets honorable mention as well. I'm very excited because I haven't been out to Beloit since September and my bag of tricks is quite a bit fuller now.

Anyway, I wanted to drop a quick note about the Regis and Kathie Lee Kelly Beautiful Baby Contest. I've mentioned it a few times in recent posts and it's official, I've been entered. Dad chose the lead picture from yesterday's post as the official pic (a pic so nice it's posted twice.)

Since this is my future we're talking about here, I thought I'd peruse the official rules to see what exactly I'm being signed up for. This line caught my eye:
"All entries will be judged based on the visual appeal of the baby"

Nice society, real nice. Where's the fable??? You expect me to grow up without body image issues when I'm already being judged (literally) based on my looks and I'm not even a year old. Yesterday a lady at allergy shots (not one of the nurses but some patient) goes, "Oh, look at those cheeks. She doesn't miss many meals huh?" Seriously? How would you feel if someone said it doesn't look like you miss many meals?!?! I mean, I don't miss many meals but I'm just barely above the 50th percentile in weight. THAT MEANS AVERAGE!

I better win (place or show) this contest otherwise my morals are being seriously bent for no reason. Hope you can sleep at night Mom & Dad!

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

Thursday, January 28, 2010


After school today, I opened a present that came all the way from Death Valley, California! Thanks GAS & GUD!

It's a book called I Howl, I Growl and it's about the creatures of the desert. Some of those guys are out right SCARY!


After story time, I went with Dad to go see the girls at allergy shots. I haven't seen Janelle and Mary in a while and they were very excited to see me stand and dance and clap and wave and whatever other tricks Dad could set up for me. They were all very impressed. After allergy shots, we headed over to Grandma Davenports to hook up her TiVo. I say "we" but I got to play with GmaD, Aunt Darty & Uncle Dave while Dad did all the TiVo leg work. I would love to tell you that I had the tougher go of it but this picture doesn't exactly support that claim.

After GmaD's, I came home to play with Mom and my sisters. I was admiring Mom's iMac because it's pretty sweet. And I'm more than familiar with Dad's iPod Touch but I think what I really need is an iPad! As Stephen Colbert says, (please) "Give it to me!"

I learned a new word today. See if you can guess what it is.
See a larger version at YouTube

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

Monday, January 25, 2010

Green with Envy

I went over to play with Grandma Herbert on Friday because Mom had to work. Bummer for Mom but FUN for me! We played some piano and did some reading (Jake is still baking cakes) and of course I was crawlin' all around. I will say that Grandmas have a pretty good way of preventing me from getting into trouble: they just hold on to me! That's cool though, I love snugglin' with Grandmas.

Friday was a pretty chill night. I just hung out with Mom, Dad and my sisters. I was sitting with Mom and was being super squirmy so, of course, Dad took some video. I was just bored and was practically twirling my thumbs waiting for some fun.
See larger version on YouTube

I tried on a new K-State shirt after a diaper malfunction and M&D told me it made me look like a little kid. Which I guess is an upgrade from baby? Hmm, not sure.

In my exploring I came upon a laundry basket Dad had been working on. I decided to help by taking socks that were in the basket out. I'M SO DOMESTIC!

On Saturday morning, M&D and I met Grandpa Davenport for breakfast at First Watch but Grandma Davenport was mysteriously missing which meant I had to entertain myself. Where's the fable GmaD? I must say, I was doing better than some people though. There was a kid in the booth next to us that was maybe 9 months older than me and she was eating Floridian French Toast. Actually, if she was eating it I would have been jealous but for the most part she was just spilling it down the front of her WHITE sweater. Oops! Side Note: How great is the information super web? I Googled "Floridian French Toast" and some random person (not First Watch) had posted a pic on flickr which of course I helped myself to. Is there anything not available on the super web?

After First Watch M&D and I made an oft occurring trip to Target where I got some pretty sweet new sweats. Man, was Dad right about sweat pants or what? They are AWESOME! You know what else is awesome? Socks. I decided to snack on one as we surveyed the seemingly endless aisles.

On Saturday night, M&D were having dinner with some friends which meant I got to go play with G&G H some more. And as soon as I got onto the floor, I made a bee line for the piano. G&G H followed me in and I was able to cajole them into playing with me for a bit.

On Sunday, we met G&G H for lunch at (a different) First Watch. Dad took a hundred pictures but I think this one's funny because there's a grandma in the background that is clearly jealous of GmaH. You can just tell she'd like to play pad-a-cake with me.

After FW, Great Aunt Nancy stopped by so Dad could help her pick out a new computer. I hadn't seen GAN in forever and was pretty eager to show her my crawlin' skillz. As I was bombin' around the living room, GAN mentioned something about a cute baby contest that Regis & Kathie Lee Kelly are hosting with Gerber. The winner gets $125,000 towards a college education! $125,000?!?! Less two years at JCCC leaves a LOT of money for "bottles." Sweet. Hey, this may just be the pic to go with too!

After school today, Mom decided to see if I was ready for sippy cups over bottles. Aunt Darty got me a personalized cup for Christmas so Mom broke that out for a maiden voyage. Despite help from Penny, I wasn't too in to the sippy cup so we'll have to try again in a little while.

Before dinner, Aunt Abby came over to play with my sisters and me. I was excited to see her but I was not shy about my disdain for her hat. YUCK! But still, I didn't want her to go. :(

M&D and I had dinner with GmaD, AD and Uncle Dave. But where was GpaD? Where's the fable here Davenports? I didn't pose for any pics at dinner so you'll just have to trust that it happened. Phew, I'm exhausted so I'm off to bed now!

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ma-Ma-Ma-My Poker Face

I LOVE crawling around. Though it does mean that Mom & Dad have to keep a closer eye on me which makes sneaking around difficult. The other thing that makes sneaking around difficult is that when I see something cool that I want to explore, I get all excited and laugh and breath hard. This is kind of a dead give away to M&D that I'm after something which they naturally try to prevent. Where's the fable? I really need to work on being more nonchalant if I'm ever gonna get into any trouble.

Well, it's official, I'm sick again. Where's the fable? I started getting a runny nose two days ago and now I'm full on with coughing and congestion. I'm gonna try to go see Dr. Shanker asap because if I have to get on a plane in three weeks, I don't want to do it while sick, that's for sure.

I was pretty fussy tonight on account of my not feeling well but Mom was there to make me feel all better. I felt so good that I actually fell asleep in her arms which Dad doesn't let happen very often so it was a pretty special treat. That was until my sisters heard something outside and woke me up. That's okay though, I know they're just trying to guard. Still, it was nice to spend some QT with Mom.

It's time for me to go to bed for real now so I'm off.

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Caught Snoozin'

So my last post wasn't real informative in regards to what I've been up too and frankly there's too much to cover but I did want to cover one item. There's a TV show called Make It or Break It on ABC Family about gymnastics and is primarily aimed at 'tweens. So of course Mom loves it. Anyway, Mom and I were watching it this weekend and it looked like so much fun that I decided to vault Mom's leg but had forgotten that we were on the couch.... which resulted in a face plant OFF the couch. Me? NOT HAPPY! So, Dad wrapped up parent of the year 2009 and Mom is off to a solid start for 2010.

Found a new "Not a Toy." This one belongs to Dad. NERD!

Here's the first good shot of my two new toofers coming in. Dr. Shanker said when I get four teeth in that I can have Cheerios. GO TEETH!

Grandma Davenport stopped by today for about 30 min and we crammed in some totally sweet playing.

I felt like I hadn't seen Grandma and Grandpa Herbert in a long time so I asked Mom if we could go over today. That's a lot of grandparents for one day; YEA!

I was crawling around tonight and I CAUGHT THE POOZ! Usually when I get nearby, Parker heads in the other direction but here I caught her snoozing, quite literally. Despite her normal attitude toward me, Parker let me play with her for quite awhile. It was pretty awesome!

I'm not entirely sure what this is but I was drawn to it from across the room. Must be something in my blood.

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Toys R't Us

Now that I'm totally mobile, I'm finding a lot of fun new things which Mom & Dad tell me are not toys. I think that statement is confusing though because they seem to say that about the stuff with which I have the most fun. Like out at restaurants I really like to play with menus but M&D say they aren't toys. Or like, the other day, I discovered stairs.

Then a Lacoste bag.

Or a bib.

Or wrapping paper from a book of the month book.

It's not that I don't like my actual toys, I really do. It just seems like everything should be a toy. Like M&D don't let me play with cell phones, or cameras, or remote controls, or computers, or keys, or... actually it's a long list so I'll cut it off there but you get the point.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun this weekend but crawling all around is exhausting so I need to go to bed.

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

Friday, January 15, 2010


So, I wrote yesterday that I was gonna go play with Mom and others at book club but as it turns out, I'm a liar. Not of my own volition mind you but a liar none the less. Mom wasn't feeling very well so we just stayed home and chilled with my sisters. As a special treat, Mom and I watched a little WALL-E which was AWESOME! For my money, last night was better than book club could ever be. Hope you feel better Mom!

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thanks NordicTrack!

After Dad got done working yesterday he and I went to give Grandma Davenport's for a visit. She claimed her TiVo wasn't working (user error no doubt) but when we got over there, it was working just fine. I think perhaps it was a ruse just to see me but I don't have any actual evidence. Speaking of no evidence, despite having brought the camera over Dad took zero pictures. I for one am shocked about this. Don't get me wrong, Dad is very forgetful about almost everything (Dad, my name is AVERY) but he's usually pretty good about taking pictures as evidenced by the 940 pictures of me (averaging more than 3 a day) that have been uploaded to Picasa. And only a fraction of the pictures taken GET uploaded. Anyway, I had a ton of fun with GmaD. I think I showed her how I can pull myself up about 93 times. (I got one of those door jamb pull up things for Christmas and have been KILLING IT!)

Since I can pull myself up and am pretty eager to do so in any situation, they took me into the visitor's crib to see what would happen. Needless to say, the VC needs some adjusting because I could pretty much just climb right over the rails. HELLO HEADER! Even with no shot of getting out, I'm confident that me even being able to stand in the crib will prevent GmaD from getting any sleep the next time I spend the night.

Dad ditched Mom & Me tonight so it's just us girls... and a bunch of other girls. I'm tagging along with Mom to her book club. From what I've heard, it's not nearly as nerdy as it sounds. I pretty sure that the ten or so girls just sit around and chat though not often regarding the assigned reading. Which, by the way, is Dan Brown's latest book The Lost Symbol. I haven't read it yet but there are two things I'm sure it's not:
  1. Thought provoking literature
  2. Moo, Baa, La La La

Regardless, I'm writing this post early because I'm pretty sure I'll be too tired after gossiping all night with the girls to write it later.

And since Dad doesn't have any pictures of me from yesterday, I'll share some pictures he did take yesterday of my sisters.

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


As you may have noticed from a lot of the pictures recently, Mom & Dad moved the coffee table out of the center of the family room so I could essentially have a larger, unobstructed play area. It's pretty sweet. Ultimately I think it just promotes their laziness because where they used to have to get up to see me when I disappeared behind the table, now they can just peak over their laptops and see where I am. And to be honest, I do a lot of stuff now just to see if they're paying attention. For instance, this evening I was crawling around my play area when I came upon my teething pacifier lying face up. To see if M&D were paying attention I just bent down and picked it up with my mouth rather than with my hands. They thought it was pretty funny but I was like, hey, my sisters do it, why can't I?

I really like being able to crawl forward. I sit and play with a toy for a while, then crawl around, then sit and play, then crawl around, then sit... well, you get the idea. I was crawling over near the TV when dad put on the classical music station and proceeded to take some video. Hey, I'm cultured, it's not just jazzy commercials that I like to dance to.
See a larger version on YouTube

Sometimes while I'm crawling around, I'll run into a sister. When it's Parker, she usually gives me a kiss then gets outta Dodge. Penny however, likes or at least puts up with my presense presence... for a little while anyway.
And just as quickly as she arrived, she left again. Kinda hard to blame her though, huh?

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,