Sunday, January 10, 2010

I Stand (Up) Alone Today

On Saturday, Mom had a wedding show for Paper Mill Designs so Dad and I were on our own. We started by having breakfast with Aunt Darty and Grandma Davenport at Mimi's. I was mesmerized by AD's Belgian waffle; it was glorious. I spent quite a bit of breakfast trying to convince Dad that Belgian waffles were recently added to my "allowed to eat" list but he was hearing none of it. DOH!

After we got home, I (and I suspect Dad) took a nice nap to prepare for the K-State v Missouri basketball game. For the game itself, we went over to G&G D's with AD.

Uh, side note, how cute are my boots???

I got a little frustrated with all of K-State's turnovers so I decided to ignore the game and just play away. BTW, did you know that a steal is a turnover that stays in play? I don't think cousin Riley was thrilled that even though I had a room full of toys, I decided to play with the one toy she had. THANKS CR!

I had a ton of fun playing with G&G D and took every opportunity to show of my "forward" crawling. They were both VERY impressed but then again, they're an easy audience!

Any guess as to where I was headed? Being mobile is AWESOME!

After Mom's show, the six of us had dinner at Jack Stack (you're shocked right?) Dinner was fun but after dinner was pretty fun too. I was just chillin' on the floor, playing and crawling and such when I decided to see what Mom was doing. So, I crawled over there where she was sitting, covered in a blanket. I decided to get a closer look so I grabbed the blanket and pulled "self to stand." That's right, #34 on skillz test. SWEET! I told you, when you know the questions in advance, tests are a lot easier!

And today? I pulled myself up again. Walkin' and talkin' are right around the corner. PARENTS BEWARE!

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

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