Friday, January 8, 2010

Very Very Popular. Like ME!

Because it was Friday, I went over to Grandma Herbert's instead of Miss Anne's. It was WAY too cold to go on any walks but GmaH and I kept plenty busy. So busy that I only snuck in about sixty minutes of shut eye prior to Dad picking me up at 3:00. You're right, 3:00 is early but it's because I had my nine month check up with Dr. Shanker at 3:30.

I got mostly good news at the Doctor's office. My ear infection is all cleared up: good. Height/length: good. Weight: good. Shots: NONE! Sweet, no shots until my twelve month check up. There I was expecting the worst and I got a call from the Governor at the eleventh hour. NICE! Dr. Shanker also talked to M&D about some new foods I can try. I didn't catch it all but one of the items was plain yogurt. Um, awesome? He did say that after we're sure I'm not allergic to the yogurt that I can mix in some veggies... uh... hmm... pea yogurt? Carrot yogurt? Sweet potato yogurt? Uh, okay doc, whatever you say.

You can see by the chart below that I'm pretty much at the 50th percentile for both height and weight. GOOOOO AVERAGE!
click to enlarge

While we were at the doctor's, Mom also had to take a new skillz (spelling it with z makes it awesome) test. The rules are that you stop answering questions after three "No" responses. I feel like there may be some bias on this test though. Not cultural bias per se but definitely some kind of bias. For instance, the first question asks if I'll feed myself crackers. Where's the fable? M&D don't even feed me crackers so how am I supposed to? I mean, I can feed myself a bottle but that's not the question. So, after the first question we'd already hit a no. I totally nailed the next four but then I got a legit stumper: Pulls Self to Stand. Nope, not yet. Then I went on another short run when we hit our third no: Thumb-Finger Grasp. Again, this question asks if how I pick up a raisin... uh, I don't get exposed to raisins so how would I know. To be fair, it reads, "small object, such as a raisin" so I guess I shouldn't be so critical. You know, we marked "NO" on that one but I thought they were asking if I picked up small objects with my thumb and fore finger but it really just asks if I use my thumb and fingers which I totally do. Doh! It looks like I also left my Name off the test too. FAIL BABY! That's okay, I'm sure I'll ace this baby next time. Of course, it always helps to know the questions ahead of time. OPEN BOOK TEST -- SWEET!
click to enlarge

After the doctor I took a nice nap at home then Dad and I helped Mom set up for her wedding show tomorrow. To cap off the night we had dinner at Houlihan's. Man, that place was packed. Between the snow and the sub-zero temps, I think people have been getting a little cabin fever and decided to break out tonight. No worries, I was in a pretty chill mood so I just rolled with the punches. Of course, it didn't hurt that several of the waitresses, including ours, were fawning all over me.

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

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