Sunday, February 28, 2010

Punch Dub!

Friday was one of Mom's off days so I was pretty excited. We started the day by having lunch with Grandma Herbert and Aunt Abby at the Nordstrom Cafe. I always enjoy Nordstrom Cafe because it tends to be filled with other kids whose mom's must have Friday's off too.

After lunch, we went shoe shopping and I fell in love a few times. GmaH was trying to show me these "Dorthy" shoes but these sparkly Converse really caught my eye. Unfortunately the shoe is still about the length of my arm so I have some growing to do before I can sport these bad boys. BOO!

After Nordstrom we went home so I could take a little nap and when I woke up, M&D took me to do something called "car shopping." Car shopping is TOTALLY BORING! We spent over an hour "shopping" and did not see even one pair of shoes. Where's the fable? Car shopping did not turn into car buying, at least not Friday night, so the whole trip was worthless.

On Saturday, M&D ditched me so they could go do some car buying. It was win-win for me because while they suffered through more boring car dealing, I got to go back to Nordstrom with Grandma Davenport and Aunt Darty. Sweet. M&D's suffering did result in a new car so that's pretty awesome.

On Sunday we ran some errands though I suspect Dad was just looking for an excuse to drive around. I wasn't hungry but we stopped for lunch at the Kolache Factory. KF was definitely different but it looked pretty good none the less. Next stop was... wait for it... Babies R Us! Sweet. Mostly we shopped for new car seats since I'm about to grow out of my current seat. The trip got a little boring until the end when Mom met Dad and me at the checkout with a Fisher Price shopping cart. Sweet.

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Unless you're reading this as a feed (if you don't know what that means then you're not reading it as a feed!) or email it's very obvious that I've changed formats just a wee bit. What you may not have noticed is that I also have a new web address ( but don't worry, if you have my blog bookmarked, you don't need to change a thing.

In addition to the new background and title, I've made a few other changes as well. You may notice that my "intro" pic on the left has been updated from the "2-day-old" picture that you're all familiar with. That pic is a classic but I can barely see myself in it and for goodness sakes, I wasn't even smiling! And I'm sure you've also noticed the little "puppy tracks" time line at the top that will be a new main stay to remind you all when my birthday is coming near. Oh, but don't feel you need to wait until my bday to buy presents. I'd hate to hand cuff you like that.

Since I got a new web address, I thought I'd do some Internet searching to see if I could find... well... me! That may sound a little vain or conceited but let's face it, if you write a blog ABOUT YOURSELF, covered with pictures and videos OF YOURSELF, you're probably not too worried about that particular cardinal sin.

I've been the first result via Google for some time now, probably because my blog host, Blogspot, is a Google product (or is it service?) But I wanted to see what happened when I searched via Yahoo! and Bing (side note: I cannot STAND those Bing commercials; brutal.) Both Yahoo! and Bing found me near the top of the first page of results. Well, sort of anyway. What they actually found was a site called Blogged that according to their tagline helps "find better blogs." I'm not sure how they found my blog but they've got a little summary page that describes it as "daily updates, rants and raves from the point of view of a six-month old." Hmm, not bad. Also, there's an editor's rating of 9.0 = Excellent. Uh, sweet. I did some bombing around Blogged and apparently not all blogs are rated and under the category of "Family & Home > Parenting > Babies & Toddlers" I'm the third one listed thanks to my stellar rating. How cool is that?

I've been working hard on my new site tonight which hasn't left me much time for "daily updates" today but I'll leave you with a few recent pics.

I got a little rough with my Stand & Groove. When I open and close this little green door, the S&G goes, "Open, Closed" or "Hello, Goodbye." Well, I had opened and closed this thing like a hundred times in a row and frankly got a little bored with it's limited vocab. So I broke it off. I half expected an, "ouch" or "broken" but S&G was speechless. Poor S&G. Don't worry though, Dad fixed it!

Dad and I were at Target on Tuesday (I know, imagine that) and I asked him if we could go look down the toy aisle and he said, "yes." Sweet. I decided I wanted a friend for the S&G since I broke her yesterday and I had two options. My first choice was a Drum that sings or counts every time you bang on it but Dad didn't want to "encourage me to hit things." Lame. Then I saw this sweet sweet AXE! It's part See 'N Say and part Fender Stratocaster. It even has a whammy bar that will "activate rockin’ guitar riffs." Sweet.

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You're Mine Ivan Drago!

I surprised Mom and Dad with a special trick the other day. When we were down in Florida, I learned how to navigate the small step between the dining room and patio of Great Grandma Davenport's house.

I was able to apply what I learned in Flordia to our steps back home and it's culminated in my greatest (and most dangerous) trick yet. ENJOY!

See a larger version on YouTube

Special preemptive thanks to Bill Conti for not suing me should he stumble across my blog. Thanks Bill!

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

Monday, February 22, 2010

O America

Did you know that O Canada, Canada's official national anthem, was first written in French and that the English version isn't even a translation of the French version? Goofy, eh?

Of course, I'm in a Canadian state of mind after last night's hockey hackey (Canadian phonetics) match wherein the U.S.A. upset the homers 5-3. It was a real nail biter! (side note: Do I ROCK the Three Stripe Brand or what?)

I don't think this was a "miraculous" win but it certainly was an upset and it goes a long way towards U.S.A. hackey earning an Olympic medal. Some of you may be surprised I'm so interested in hackey but if you recall, my one time boyfriend Sidney Crosby is a member of the reigning Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins. Also, hackey uniforms are very bright and contrast nicely against the ice.

I found myself a bit torn though because OTB SC is a Canadian. He did have a goal last night but ultimately I'm happy he landed on the losing end. U. S. A., U. S. A., U. S. A. (you should be chanting by now, fyi.)

For all of my Canadian fans out there, at least you still have Curling. Your Mens' team officially put the U.S. team out of their misery with a 7-2 spanking this morning and are still undefeated. You also beat the World Champion British team which was a pretty sweet match. If you have about two and a half hours of free time, you can watch the replay here. I'm telling ya, you had to feel confident in the 10th End with the hammer in Kevin (the Old Bear) Martin's hands but when Murdoch missed his draw into the four foot giving Canada the win without even having to throw the rock, that was pretty sweet, eh? Congratulations!

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Looks Good on You Though

I must say, that awful flight kind of started my vacation off on the wrong foot but as soon as I saw Grandpa Davenport at the airport, things started to get a little bit better. There were approximately 20 peeps congregating at Great Grandma Davenport's so from the airport we went directly to.... TARGET! Of course! What does the Target in Boca have that the target in Overland Park doesn't have? Well, elevators and escalators to start with but I'm not sure beyond that. Apparently M&D couldn't fit baby food or diapers into their three giant suitcases so it was a pretty necessary stop from my point of view.

After we got settled back at GGD's, we headed out for some dinner and to pre-celebrate Great Aunt Nancy's Valentine's birthday. I'm not a big fan of hats and this one was no exception.

I guess I can just be thankful they didn't try to make me wear these glasses too? YIKES!

Actually this picture is a little friendlier, in fact I even redacted the candles to protect the innocent. Happy Birthday GAN!

On Sunday, we headed to the Yacht Club (Oh, listen to me, "the Yacht Club," I'm such high society now!) to celebrate GGD's 90th Birthday. My tummy was still a little upset but I had a pretty good time for the most part. I had to meet a lot of new people which can be a little nerve racking though. I got the feeling many of them may have read different parenting books than M&D because I overheard several recommendations to put whiskey on my gums. M&D tend to stick with that new fangled "baby tylenol" but this other remedy sounds intriguing.

Once I got done making the rounds, I got to settle in with some familiar faces. Speaking of faces, have I mentioned that I'm going through a bit of a "face grabbing" phase right now? Aunt Kelly got to experience it first handed and surprise, surprise, M&D had the camera handy! I hadn't seen AK in forever and was excited to tell her all about how I "do stuff" now.

Not all the faces were familiar though. I got to meet Uncle Matthew for the first time and he is pretty silly. It took me a while to figure out what he was saying but that's mostly because he was going back and forth between English, French and duck... I was truly perplexed!

See a larger version at YouTube

All in all I had a lot of fun, especially when Dad found some balloons for me to play with. SWEET!

If you have Flash, here's a slide show of the family pics taken with Dad's camera. Let me know if anyone is interested in soft copies and I'll email them out!

If you don't have Flash, you can check them out here.

It's bedtime now so I'll have to pick this up again later.

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

Friday, February 19, 2010

Come Pick Me Up... I've Landed

I know I haven't blogged in a while but hey, I've been busy. I mean, the Olympics are on and let's face it, Canadians are pretty sweet, eh? Hoser! Also, I may have spent five days in sunny (but chilly) Florida. Let's start there...

Great Grandma Davenport was scheduled to turn NINETY on Valentine's day so we all celebrated with a de facto Davenport Family reunion. Most of the family met down near Ft. Lauderdale on the 12th but we're always late so why should this be any different; we left on the 13th. Over the previous few weeks, I could sense that Mom and Dad were a bit nervous about the flight. I didn't know what they were nervous about but their anxiety must have transferred to me because when I woke up Saturday morning, I had, um, voided in nearly every way possible. I can't remember the last time I woke up having up chucked so needless to say my requisite bath added some time to our morning routine. As luck would have it, we still made it out of the house just ten minutes past Dad's "drop dead" time of 10:00 AM.

M&D had actually planned ahead pretty well because I was due for a bottle just after noon which should have aligned nicely with our 12:05 scheduled departure. You'll notice I used words like "should" and "scheduled" because our flight was delayed and I got hungry before we even boarded the plane. We were told it was a pretty full flight which was almost accurate because it was actually completely full. Unfortunately for the last girl on the plane, the last seat available was next to us. I think this picture does a pretty solid job of encapsulating my apprehension.

Shortly after I fell asleep, I took a nap time "bathroom break" which M&D could not ignore and if left unchecked, no one else would be able to ignore either. So, Dad woke me up (which I did not appreciate) and we headed to the very meager airplane bathroom. The bathroom is so small in fact, that Dad couldn't close the door behind him because my diaper bag backpack was in the way. GOOD START! I wasn't too happy about being jarred from my nap and dragged to this odd bathroom... so I started screaming. I'm not a hundred percent sure how long I screamed but I'm guessing it was about two hours. I'm pretty sure M&D would have gladly traded their seat cushion floatation devices for some seat cushion parachute devices so we could spare everyone from the whole ordeal.

After we landed, not at our final destination mind you, my tummy issues continued and this time it was was Mom's turn for a change in the micro bathroom. Again, I was not happy. The good news was that most of the passengers deplaned which allowed us to improve our seats to the front row. This proved convenient for Dad when I had yet another tummy issue as the new passengers were boarding. My ongoing screaming did prevent us from having a third adult in our row for the second leg of the trip. I guess we'll call that a silver lining.

I did eventually calm down and actually ended up having some fun on the the trip from Orlando to Ft. Lauderdale but of course, the whole flight was so short there was barely time for beverage service.

I know I've only covered a fraction of our trip but it was an eventful fraction none the less.

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Six Word Post III



A Name by Any Other Name

As I'm sure most of you know, a picture of me has been submitted (without my consent) to LIVE! with Regis and Kathie Lee Kelly's Beautiful Baby Search. Dad submitted my pic one hour before the deadline (classic Dad) on January 29th. Since then, I've gone back multiple times to see my pic but also to gauge my competition. You can filter the pics by letter so of course I go right for the A's. The first time I went, the "Avery" name began on page 280 or so with 10 pics per page. However, my pic was nowhere to be seen. Where's the fable?!?! As I've gone back over the last two weeks, the "Avery" names have started appearing on later and later pages. The 320s, 490s and now 710s. So, it appears they are adding pics on a regular basis and since my pic still isn't up, let's hope they're using FIFO or FIFP (First In, First Posted.) Since I had to be one of the last few posted, who knows when my pic will show up. When it does, I'll be sure to let you know and when it comes time to vote (March 1st) you'll get a call for action which I expect to spread like wild fire as you forward to your friends.

As I've been perusing the pics I've seen a lot of strong competition and a lot of... um, lets see how I should put this... non contenders? Yikes. My main take away from checking out the site is that there are a lot of STUPID PARENTS out there. I mean, come on folks, it's a beautiful baby competition and you're submitting a picture of your kid with food speared all over her face? Is that a cute picture? Maybe but it certainly makes it difficult to judge how "beautiful" your kid is. Also, I'm shocked at how much trouble these people had submitting pictures. When the picture is submitted, you have to select a cropped "thumbnail" view so they can fit 10 pics per page. There are all sorts of thumbnails with just backgrounds (which is the best part of the some of these pics), half faces, just hair, etc. There are also many that were submitted twice, sometimes with different thumbnails, sometimes with duplicate thumbnails. Now, I know some of you readers are not exactly computer wizards but that's likely because you are OLD and are scared of technology. This contest is limited to 6 - 48 month olds so the parents can't be too far off from Mom & Dad's age so what's their excuse. If you're not able to upload a picture to the information superweb, I'd be on the look out for Child Protective Services because you are clearly not smart enough to raise a child. I love that you have to pass a test to drive but not to have kids. BRUTAL!

Here's a collage of pics submitted by under-qualified parents. And this is really just a selection from the Av's so you can imagine how many exist among the SIXTY THOUSAND plus entries. Enjoy.

Oh, also, I was rather surprised by how many different versions of my name are out there. Here's the list with the one correct spelling and the 10 hatchet jobs that are close to my name. Poor kids.
Aver (typo?)

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Buzz Word

I accidentally left a story out of my last post so I'll start off with it here. On Friday morning Dad was getting me ready to head to Grandma Herbert's when things came to a grinding halt. Dad was going through my diaper bag when he saw a SPIDER scurry around my balled up high chair cover. AHHHH! If I wasn't already strapped into my car seat, there would have been an Avery sized cutout in the door to the garage. Not wanting the spider to hide out in the bag, Dad grabbed the cover and threw it on the couch.... then realized that the spider could hide in the couch! He threw the cover on the floor and the spider bolted for a crack between the cushions. Unexpectedly, Dad manned up and smacked the spider (with the Snuggie.) This brought an end to the excitement but not before my life flashed before my eyes. Do you know how fast that happens when you've only got 10 months worth of material to go through? I'll tell ya, NOT LONG!

Not kidding, I got the chills just typing that paragraph. I clearly inherited my Dad's arachnophobia.

Saturday was pretty relaxed. We had dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Davenport at... wait for it.... wait for it... JACK STACK! Surprised? I actually went home with G&G D because M&D were going to Beloit to visit Great Grandma Chapman (glad you're feeling better GGC!) I was bummed that I couldn't go play in Beloit but Dad said hospitals weren't any fun for babies but I'll bet there are all sorts of "not a toy" items to play with.

I found out today that Google has launched a new "product" called Buzz. Buzz is actually a new feature within gMail but it hasn't been rolled out to everyone (Mom heard only about 1% of the users have it.) M&D both checked and they're not one of the elite but I AM! Sweet. From what I can tell it's pretty much just a copy of Twitter but because it's from Google, I assume it's awesomer (that's right, as in more awesome.) Here's my first "buzz." I hope you enjoy it because I assume the novelty will wear off pretty quickly... for me at least.

Tonight we had dinner with the Herbert's which as a special treat included Uncle Charlie! Sweet! Here are some pics:

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

Friday, February 5, 2010

You Had One Eye In the Mirror

Grandpa Davenport came over last night to play with me because he has been in Florida and hasn't seen me in like, forever (estimation.) We had so much fun! GpaD hasn't seen me since I started doing so much exploration and he got such a kick out of it that he even started baiting me to crawl around. Not that I need the incentive but his bait was pretty enticing. Dad says keys aren't toys but they seemed pretty fun to me!

Dad did take the keys away eventually and "hid" them next to the remote on the coffee table. Uh, did Dad think he was just gonna pull a "ignore the man behind the curtain" and I'd just leave the remote and keys alone while they're (nearly) in reach. Yeah, right. He also baited me with five bones for my piggy bank which worked like a charm as well. Sweet!

I had SO much fun with GpaD! I have to say, I was pretty curious as to Grandma Davenport's whereabouts though. Doesn't she love me any more?

Today was one of Mom's work Fridays so which meant I got to spend the day with Grandma Herbert. YEA! We kept pretty busy. We read Jake Bakes a Cake, did some singing and even talked to Great Grandma Chapman on the phone. The one thing missing from that list? PIANO. Where's the fable? It's not GmaH's fault though, Mom got released from work early due to snow and she came and spoiled our fun. Boo!

This evening has been pretty chill. I am a little embarrassed however because Dad caught this video. What can I say, I didn't think anyone was watching. What has me worried is that Dad said he was gonna keep this video handy for the next twenty years to show any potential boyfriends. NOT cool Dad. Not cool.

See a larger version at YouTube.

I will say though, I think I have a pretty good shot at winning that baby contest. For realz, look how cute my hair looks post bath.

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

There's Gold in them there Fishes

4 reelz y'all, how cute is this outfit?

On Saturday night, Mom & Dad sent me over to Grandma & Grandpa Herbert's so they could go on a date. (GROSS) It took me all of eleven minutes to get GpaH to play some piano with me. Unfortunately I wasn't able to talk him into watching the KSU v KU basketball game. Maybe that's for the best though because G&G H have one of those KU garden stones skulking out by their stoop. Not cool G&G H, NOT COOL.

On Sunday, M&D had a long list of errands lined up for us so we started with a visit to First Watch at the crack of noon. Our first stop was to Babies R Us where M&D spent a fortnight (approximation) shopping for a new stroller. I found the whole ordeal rather boring and slept through most of it. Mom did have me try one out but it totally clashed with my outfit so I couldn't really get on board.

After BRU, I needed a bottle so we decided to stop over at Grandma Davenport's because she had a surprise for me. Sweet. GmaD had been to Von Maur which is good news for me but bad news for Grandpa Davenport. Sorry GpaD, when you're away, apparently GmaD will play! I got some new outfits for Florida and I must say they are pretty awesome.

On Sunday night, Mom decided to give the sippy cup another go around. Verdict: Eh, not so into it. I haven't quite figured out how to get the food to come out yet. Hmm, maybe I'll google that.

With my increasing mobility, M&D have taken steps to keep me jailed in specific areas. You may think "jailed" is a bit harsh but that's how I feel. All I'm missing is a tin cup to bang against the bars. Actually, that sounds like a lot of fun!

We went to the grocery store last night which is usually pretty lame for me personally but this trip was different. M&D got me a present they say will some day contain a special treasure called Goldfish. It sounds pretty sweet and Mom seems especially stoked about the whole prospect.

Man, I almost got caught up but I'm too exhausted to tackle today's events. Guess you'll have to tune back later!

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

Monday, February 1, 2010

Bitter Sweet

I got approved by Dr. Shanker to eat yogurt almost a month ago but tonight was the first time I actually tried it. See if you can guess how I feel about it.

See a larger version at YouTube

I know I joked about having carrot yogurt or sweet potato yogurt but I need to add SOMETHING in there to cut it a little bit because it is pretty bitter.... and yet I kept coming back for more. DIABOLICAL!

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,