Monday, February 22, 2010

O America

Did you know that O Canada, Canada's official national anthem, was first written in French and that the English version isn't even a translation of the French version? Goofy, eh?

Of course, I'm in a Canadian state of mind after last night's hockey hackey (Canadian phonetics) match wherein the U.S.A. upset the homers 5-3. It was a real nail biter! (side note: Do I ROCK the Three Stripe Brand or what?)

I don't think this was a "miraculous" win but it certainly was an upset and it goes a long way towards U.S.A. hackey earning an Olympic medal. Some of you may be surprised I'm so interested in hackey but if you recall, my one time boyfriend Sidney Crosby is a member of the reigning Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins. Also, hackey uniforms are very bright and contrast nicely against the ice.

I found myself a bit torn though because OTB SC is a Canadian. He did have a goal last night but ultimately I'm happy he landed on the losing end. U. S. A., U. S. A., U. S. A. (you should be chanting by now, fyi.)

For all of my Canadian fans out there, at least you still have Curling. Your Mens' team officially put the U.S. team out of their misery with a 7-2 spanking this morning and are still undefeated. You also beat the World Champion British team which was a pretty sweet match. If you have about two and a half hours of free time, you can watch the replay here. I'm telling ya, you had to feel confident in the 10th End with the hammer in Kevin (the Old Bear) Martin's hands but when Murdoch missed his draw into the four foot giving Canada the win without even having to throw the rock, that was pretty sweet, eh? Congratulations!

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

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  1. Avery,

    Your Tia LOVES your 3-stripes! When you get older I'll teach you how to play futbol!


    Tia Em


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