Thursday, February 25, 2010


Unless you're reading this as a feed (if you don't know what that means then you're not reading it as a feed!) or email it's very obvious that I've changed formats just a wee bit. What you may not have noticed is that I also have a new web address ( but don't worry, if you have my blog bookmarked, you don't need to change a thing.

In addition to the new background and title, I've made a few other changes as well. You may notice that my "intro" pic on the left has been updated from the "2-day-old" picture that you're all familiar with. That pic is a classic but I can barely see myself in it and for goodness sakes, I wasn't even smiling! And I'm sure you've also noticed the little "puppy tracks" time line at the top that will be a new main stay to remind you all when my birthday is coming near. Oh, but don't feel you need to wait until my bday to buy presents. I'd hate to hand cuff you like that.

Since I got a new web address, I thought I'd do some Internet searching to see if I could find... well... me! That may sound a little vain or conceited but let's face it, if you write a blog ABOUT YOURSELF, covered with pictures and videos OF YOURSELF, you're probably not too worried about that particular cardinal sin.

I've been the first result via Google for some time now, probably because my blog host, Blogspot, is a Google product (or is it service?) But I wanted to see what happened when I searched via Yahoo! and Bing (side note: I cannot STAND those Bing commercials; brutal.) Both Yahoo! and Bing found me near the top of the first page of results. Well, sort of anyway. What they actually found was a site called Blogged that according to their tagline helps "find better blogs." I'm not sure how they found my blog but they've got a little summary page that describes it as "daily updates, rants and raves from the point of view of a six-month old." Hmm, not bad. Also, there's an editor's rating of 9.0 = Excellent. Uh, sweet. I did some bombing around Blogged and apparently not all blogs are rated and under the category of "Family & Home > Parenting > Babies & Toddlers" I'm the third one listed thanks to my stellar rating. How cool is that?

I've been working hard on my new site tonight which hasn't left me much time for "daily updates" today but I'll leave you with a few recent pics.

I got a little rough with my Stand & Groove. When I open and close this little green door, the S&G goes, "Open, Closed" or "Hello, Goodbye." Well, I had opened and closed this thing like a hundred times in a row and frankly got a little bored with it's limited vocab. So I broke it off. I half expected an, "ouch" or "broken" but S&G was speechless. Poor S&G. Don't worry though, Dad fixed it!

Dad and I were at Target on Tuesday (I know, imagine that) and I asked him if we could go look down the toy aisle and he said, "yes." Sweet. I decided I wanted a friend for the S&G since I broke her yesterday and I had two options. My first choice was a Drum that sings or counts every time you bang on it but Dad didn't want to "encourage me to hit things." Lame. Then I saw this sweet sweet AXE! It's part See 'N Say and part Fender Stratocaster. It even has a whammy bar that will "activate rockin’ guitar riffs." Sweet.

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,


  1. Love the new site! David and Margot love their Stand & Groove, too. Ha! And I have to say, we have contemplated the drum....

  2. Avery, I love the new background. It's so cute!!

    Also, tell your mom & dad we're coming to KC in April for Baby K's shower. So you can meet Sofia who's 2 now but you'll be 1 by then and I'm sure you two will hit it off.

    -Angie in TX


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