Tuesday, March 30, 2010

S.A.T Prep

Pop Quiz:
On Sunday, Mom, Dad and I went where?
A. Babies R Us
B. Target
C. Sam's Club
D. All of the Above

I know the smart money was on D, All of the Above, but this ain't TRIVIAL PURSUIT For Kids Nick Edition it's more like ORIGINAL GENUS. No messin' around, 1981 version.

Anyway, Sam's Club was a mad house. Surprise! We picked up a bunch of stuff that we only moderately needed, including some new Pampers that have replaced my old version. Of course at SC, the only size is the 160 count which we'll get to after we go through the UNOPENED BOX OF 160 of the old version that's sitting in my closet. Way to keep your heads in the game M&D!

Oh, for the record, Mom did go to Target by herself a little later so if you answered B. Target, I'll go ahead and give you half credit.

On Monday it was back to Miss Anne's - YEA!! I don't think Dad was too in touch with the forecast though because he sent me over in SWEATS! Hello old man, get with the program.

On Monday night, Aunt Abby and Grandma Herbert came over to do some wedding planning. Actually AA and Mom did wedding planning because I pretty much canobolized canabalized canabolized cannabolized cannobolized cannobalized (ooh, on the right track with two N's but two I's never crossed my mind. Yikes!) cannibalized all of her time. I imagine she was okay with it. I even tricked her into rocking me to sleep just like M&D always d-- HA, I couldn't even finish the sentence. Thanks GmaH!

AA didn't want her picture taken so she tried to hide. Is she new here? That's gotta be the surest way to get your pic taken and of course, put in the blog. Though with Mom's goofy pose, I'm not sure anyone would even notice AA if I didn't already tell you she was there.

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

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