Friday, March 26, 2010

Through the Laughing Glass

Let's see... on Monday I went back to Miss Anne's and heard all about their spring break trip. It sounds like they were VERY busy. Regardless, I think Logan was happy to see me and I sure was happy to see all the kids again. I mean, I love my Grandmothers and even Mom & Dad but despite how hard they try, they're just not as entertaining as kids can be. Sorry!

When I woke up Tuesday I had broken out in a bit of a rash. And by a bit, I mean on my head, back, chest and tummy. I guess at least my arms and legs were spared? When Dad noticed he SPRUNG INTO ACTION... by calling Mom for a consultation. Despite Dad's initials being MD, he is not a doctor (neither are you Grandma Davenport) so Mom came home and they took me to see the doctor. Dr. Shanker took one look at me and diagnosed me with one of the SIXTY EIGHT different varieties of Enterovirus. Fortunately for me, it was NOT one of the varieties that results in mouth sours sores. Ouch! See also: Yuck!

So, I didn't feel bad, a little tired maybe, but DS said that as long as I have the rash (or a fever) that I'm contageous. SNOW DAY! Wait, I don't WANT a snow day from MA's! That's okay, I did get to spend the day with Mom which was pretty sweet too.

On Wednesday, I still had the rash so it was another forced snow day but this time Dad stayed home with me. Or I guess more to the point, I stayed home with him. On the way to lunch, Dad thought it would be entertaining to video tape me a la Taxi Cab Confessions. You think people drive poorly while they're on their phones? How do you think they do while trying to set up a video camera? Whoa. I found this video pretty entertaining if you can get past the first 30 seconds where apparently someone is stepping on a cat in the front seat. Oh wait, that's Dad singing along with Avril Lavigne. (Sorry other babies, this Dad is TAKEN! That's right, he's all mine! I'm so so lucky.)

At the end of his singing, I couldn't hold it in any longer and just flat out laughed at him. I think he thinks I was laughing with him but that was NOT the case.

See larger yet equally embarrassing version at YouTube.

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

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