Monday, July 19, 2010

Missing: Blue

On the fourth of July I had plans to meet David & Margot for breakfast. Unfortunately we can't drive so we had to invite our parents as well. I BEGGED Mom & Dad to just drop me off but they insisted on coming in. UGH - Cut the cord already! Naturally we ate at First Watch (Corinth Square.) As an unexpected surprise there was NO WAIT for four adults and three high chairs. That HAS to be a FWCS first!

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Our parents are total party poopers so of course the seating went parent, kid, parent, parent, kid, parent, kid. Well, duh, that's no fun. Fortunately near the end of breakfast they actually let us sit near each other so we could play.

Unfortunately the way high chairs get wider at the base (what tipping hazard?) we still couldn't get close enough to have any real fun.

Like all good things though, the fun had to come to an end. D&M told their parents that they were tired and I was ready for a nap myself so we wrapped things up.

While we were at breakfast, the Fairs hypothesized one reason FWCS was so slow was due to VillageFest. VillageFest is a carnival of sorts that was taking place right up the street. As soon as Mom heard there was a pony ride, she decided we were going.

As soon as I got in my stroller though, I was out like a light. Check out the slide show below to see all of things I missed during my nap!

The helicopter you saw in there actually took off at the end of our trip but the video Dad took with his phone was NOT good so you get nothing. It was really neat though so I'm glad I woke up just in time.

When we got home, I went straight to bed and when I woke up, Uncle Dave and Aunt Darty were there to greet me. Turns out M&D made plans for us to go see the fire works at Corporate Woods. We went early to get a spot and decided the best spot may be our parking spot - so we did some tailgating.

For tailgate food, UD&AD brought Jimmy John's. Salt & Vinegar chips are GOOD! And AD was nice enough to share her's with me.

After dinner we did some exploring and sampled some of the local fare.

We made it back to the car just in time for the rain to begin... well before the fireworks started. So we went home and the closest I came to fireworks this year was watching the Boston Pops on TV... just like last year

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

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