Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Structurally Unsound

Some of you may not know this but all of the pictures I post on the blog are first uploaded to Picasa, Google's online picture album. Due to the sheer volume of pictures that Mom & Dad take, I started "filing" them in three month "folders." Of course, when I named the first one my "First Three Months" I apparently didn't think how odd the naming system would become. Sixth Three Months? Whatever, I'll roll with it!

July 1st was my 15 month birthday... what, no party? Boo! That's okay because with Miss Anne on vacay still, I went and spent the day with Grandma Herbert.

At one of the pre-parties related to Aunt Abby & Uncle Scott's wedding, M&D discovered that I totally LOVE cherry tomatoes. So the next time we went to the grocery store, they decided to pick some up. Of course, we didn't find any cherry tomatoes and the grape tomatoes didn't look very good so they picked up some cherub tomatoes. Uh, okay. Other than the adjective, I'm not sure I know what the difference is but I can say cherub's are good. As long as they explode in my mouth, I'm happy!

I'm not really sure why Dad thought that actual grapes would go well with grape-like tomatoes but he did. Really not to bad. Also colorful which I guess is good.

These days I'm really enjoying playing Fort. Fort is essentially any item I can get under and one of the classics is blanket Fort. Mom and I like to play blanket Fort and tell secrets.

Mom's been itching to "build" me a fort as well so Dad suggested she go get the cushions from the other couch. Of course, he meant the giant cushions and not the tiny accent cushions. Still, she tried.

And... FORT FAIL! Using what I'll call photo forensics (aka looking at timestamps) I'm able to determine the "fort" lasted 44 seconds before collapsing. Uh, it's the thought that counts?

Since playing in a cushion fort wasn't in my immediate future, we decided to take a walk instead. Walking: Good. Outside: Good. Walking Outside: Great!

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

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