Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Born Good Natured; Loves to Rock the Boat

Who's tripping down the street of the city,
Smilin' at everybody she sees,
Who's reaching out to tickle a horsey
Everyone knows it's Avery
When I look at this picture it makes me think of that 7-Up commercial with Brad Garrett. It almost looks like I could be whistling and snapping my fingers!

Monday the 23rd was pretty standard. When I came home from Miss Anne's I was well rested and was walking all over the place (see above.) During one of my trips to the family room I found my new favorite book, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and asked Mom to read to me. It's Mom's current book club book but I'm really enjoying it too. It's not better than any of my other books per se, it's just different. For starters, no pictures which is kind of a bummer but the pages are really thin (vs my 'board' books) and I like to riffle through them.
Mom is kind of a downer though and doesn't let me play with it by myself. BOO!

As has been pretty standard lately we spent some time outside as well.
After dinner (delicious bacon-cheddar burgers from Hen House - YUM!) Dad and I went on a walk while Mom took a NAP! Whoa, ROLE REVERSAL! Usually Dad and I are the nap takers while Mom stays up - crazy! Actually, I just rode in the stroller most of the way while Dad pushed but when we reached my future school, Dad decided to get me out so I could walk the rest of the way - ABOUT A QUARTER MILE!
I made it about a block before I tripped hard over a raised square in the sidewalk. Hey, can we some of that stimulus money to fix these sidewalks?!?! Needless to say, I demanded Dad carry me the rest of the way after that.
After our walk we woke Mom up so I could take a bath. Thank goodness too because we know what happened last time Dad and I tried to go it alone.

On Tuesday the 24th Dad dressed me in my K-State garb to begin the count down to Football season. Sweet. I mean, I have a teddy bear I really like that plays the KSU fight song so needless to say I am a huge fan of the Purple and the White.

When I got home from MA's I did a lot of playing outside. Whenever I see Parker & Penny's buddy Jesse outside, I always walk to the edge and tell her, "Woof." Does that qualify as a word I can say?

I spent some time in my newest Fort which I discovered on Monday...

I moved some furniture...

Then it was back inside to play ball (a word I can say)...

Then it was back outside a little later to move more furniture...
Then I was off to bed!

Before I sign off, a few things: First, M&D have broken the 6000 picture mark. SIX THOUSAND PICTURES. That's more that 10 a day my whole life. Whoa.

Second, Here's Blogger's "Blog of Note" for August 31st. I really liked this one. A: I like the design and wish I had a cooler layout. B: It made me laugh a few times and I don't even know this person.

Third, the title to this post is also a link - GO!

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

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