Sunday, August 29, 2010

Doctor's Orders

Friday the 20th was one of Mom's 'on' Fridays so I got to spend the day with Grandma Herbert. It was a pretty awesome day because I got to play with Aunt Abby and of course, do some classic GmaH items like reading books (Jake bakes the best cakes) going on walks and playing the piano. Sweet!

On Saturday the 21st Mom had to work and NOT for Paper Mill Designs. BOO! But before she left she got me up and had breakfast with me followed by some playing. May have been a little too much playing too because she was late to work. Oops!

So with Mom at work, that meant a day with the dad. Yea! Dad decided to start the day with a bath. Double Yea! Usually bath time is something we do as a whole family but about 2% of them are done with either just Mom or just Dad. And while usually M&D are very good about splitting the parenting responsibility 50/50 (every other diaper change, every other feeding, etc) at bath time they have very specific roles. Mom is in charge of getting me ready, grabbing the towell and the wash cloth while Dad draws the bath and readies my toys. Mom does the wash cloth work while Dad washes my hair. Then of course they take turns squirting me with my own bath toys. Where's the fable? Then Mom drys me off and gets me ready (usually for bed) while Dad drains the tub and cleans up the toys. Anyway, it's pretty entertaining when Mom has to do Dad's jobs and it's very entertaining when Dad has to do Mom's job. Oh, did I mention that Mom is the one that keeps me from drowning? Yeah, that may be the most important part now that I think about it. But Dad did a... satisfactory... sure that works... job through most of the process. After my bath he wrapped me up in my towel from Great Grandma Chapman. He must have thought I looked pretty cute because he set me up on the EDGE OF THE VANITY and snapped some pictures with his phone. He tried to take one too many though and I nearly took a header on the bathroom floor. Somehow Dad managed to catch me IN MID AIR but it was at the expense of that third picture. I guess we all make sacrifices.

After my near death experience Dad and I headed out for some lunch. First Watch? Cheddar's? Nope, we headed toward Jack Stack but stopped just shy and hit up Red Robin - YUM! As per usual, the lobby was filled with balloons (one of which I got) and as we headed to our table, I noticed every table we passed had kids. It was immediately apparent why "we" chose RR - because being surrounded by kids and having a balloon to play with would reduce Dad's entertainment responsibility five fold. Heady play old man.

For lunch I had a corn dog which Dad de-corned for me, some apples and a few of Dad's fries. The fun was short lived though because the knot Dad used to tie the balloon to my chair failed (I thought his were a nautical people) and it floated to the ceiling. DOH!
Uh Oh
Not to worry, we grabbed another balloon on the way out but Dad made it ride home in the TRUNK! He blabbed something about Grandma Davenport and balloons in cars but I lost interest. Dad let me rescue the balloon from the trunk and I played with it until I was too worn out and went up for a nap.
Uh Oh
For his own mental health Dad realized he needed to tether the balloon to something and this time he used a double knot - ooooohhhhhhh!

Oh, check out this sheet I stumbled across during some of my exploring. Nice work Dad!

When I woke up from my nap, GmaD came to get me because M&D had a party to go to. GmaD took me straight from our house to Sar-Ko-Par park (boys that's a keyboard full) where we walked around and even played on the swings. Sweet! From there we met Grandpa Davenport, Aunt Darcy and Uncle Dave at Sutera's.
I don't eat seafood, I make it! (see food - get it - HA!)
After dinner we went back to AD&UD's to play with my cousin Riley.

After AD&UD's, G&G D and I headed back to their house where I ended up falling asleep so M&D decided to "let" me stay there. Sweet.

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

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