Thursday, August 19, 2010


Fridge Farm has been an instant hit.  It's magnetic which I love and it has catchy tunes the whole family loves. "You put a pig in front and a sheep behind, put them together and what do you find?  A pig sheep?... that's silly!"  Though if you match the front and back, it gets all education.  "Wool comes from sheep."  Ugh, so preachy!

You know, looking at this outfit I just realized it would have been pretty good for the 4th of July.  If you recall, while I wore red, it wasn't really that festive.  And here's this outfit, red, white and blue with the words 'All American' on it.  It is 18 month though so it's still a little big... would have been worth it though... could have been great.

That night Aunt Darcy came over to steal Dad for the evening.  For AD's birthday Dad took her to the Lady Gaga concert.  He sent Mom some pics during the show but they were NOT appropriate to share with my younger readers.  She's a freak baby!

I was pretty excited to show AD how much I enjoy my giant tennis ball.  I mean seriously, it's SO BIG!
Not sure what was going on here but this pic makes me smile
After Dad got off work on the fourth we headed over to Nordstrom to see Aunt Abby and to pick up some new shoes Mom got me during the half yearly sale.  SHOES!
Converse All-Stars - HOLLA!
After Nordy's we headed over to Cheddar's for dinner with Aunt Darcy, Uncle Dave, Grandma & Grandpa Davenport.  Yikes, do I only eat at three places?  Wait, what's the third?

For whatever reason, M&D like to classify my playing into "classes." When I play with my magna-doodle it's "Art" class, when I play my piano or guitar it's "Music" class and when I play with a ball it's "Gym" class. I think what has M&D most worried about my future is when I play "Vo-tec."
Looks like the headlight fluid is low
When the "safety ring" comes off of my Disney car at some point in the future, it gets replaced with a handle/seat back.  Until then, I like to use the handle as a witching stick of sorts.  It leads me around until it finds the next toy for me to play with.
Looks like my divining rod blurred the picture - oops!
I am constantly begging M&D to let me play outside but that can be a hard sell when it's 106 degrees out.  According to wunderground the temperature wasn't even 90 degrees when this picture was taken but my rosey cheeks and sweaty head disagree.
Can you tell Dad tried to "style" my hair?  Thanks but no thanks!
To cool down, Mom and I sat down to do a little catalog shopping.  I went with the Sensational Beginnings mag and I assume Mom was checking out the latest Land's End.

I was surprised to see that SB already has Halloween costumes on sale though I'm not sure I was 100% comfortable with their selection. Computer, rotate 180 degrees, tilt 40 degrees on the horizontal axis, zoom in and enhance.
Multiple Michael Jackson costumes? This seems wrong on so many levels.
On the 6th, Mom & Dad invited themselves to go see The Other Guys with GmaD, AD & UD.  However, with GpaD out of town and Grandma & Grandpa Herbert checking out the Johnson County Fair that didn't leave anyone to take care of me.  And rather than M&D being responsible parents and bowing out, GmaD volunteered to babysit me.  At least SOMEONE loves me!  We did get to have dinner together at Houlihan's before they ditched us though and that was pretty good.
On a separate note, it's occurred to me that when I'm laughing really hard, it looks like I could just as easily be furious.
Let's hope for everyone's sake that I was laughing and not screaming!
Hey, gimme my nose back!
Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

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