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I'm going to pick up this post where I left off the last.  Actually, I'm gonna pick it up where I began the last.  I didn't realize Dad had taken video of me playing with Fridge Farm but it's pretty funny so I thought I'd share.

At the end of last post, I was headed over to Grandma Davenport's while Mom & Dad went to the movies with Aunt Darcy & Uncle Dave.  Well, there were a whole round of pictures of the fun GmaD and I had and I published last nights's post before I noticed them sitting in Picasa.  I know, I'm the worst right!

GmaD decided awhile ago that she wanted to get me a bean bag but couldn't find the right one. She did a hard-TARGET search of every gas station, residence, warehouse, farmhouse, henhouse, outhouse and doghouse. Actually I think only the Target part is right because she had to go to FIVE different ones before she found the fella above. And I'm glad she did! I'm also glad that she went to the fifth target with me after dinner at Houlihan's.
Why are so many of these whales upside down - that can't be good!
Everything we did that night was a blast. I even got a little bath (a word I can say - kind of, I lengthen it to bathroom) and I do mean little. GmaD filled the kitchen sink with bubbles and water in which I played for the better part of a half hour. So fun! Afterwards GmaD put me in some jammies and did my hair. Of course, I demanded to play with the brush after she was done and carried it around pretty much the rest of the night.

Then GmaD showed me another new outfit, in addition to these jammies (which I whaley love!) and I proceeded to carry it around for awhile as well. Of course when I realized I could use the bean bag bug to give me a boost onto the couch, I dropped what I was doing (or carrying as the case was) and started climbing.
I enjoyed climbing the BBB and figured I could use him to scale other items as well but he's not as portable as I'd like. Thanks okay, I'm sure I could con GmaD to do my bidding!
Thanks GmaD!!!
The Next morning, M&D and I went to play tennis with Grandma & Grandpa Herbert at the crack of 9:30. GmaH was nice enough to pass on playing and entertain me, which is no small feat. We walked all around the park and even played on the swings. I do love me some swings you know. When GpaH, M&D were done playing, it was my turn.

I had a little trouble hitting the ball by myself (hello, the racquet is nearly as big as I am) so GmaH helped me out while GpaH fed us balls. I hope you two enjoyed it because I see it a lot in your future!
Wicked good action shots, eh?
Thanks G&G H - I had a blast!
We started of Sunday the 8th like so very, VERY many other Sundays - with breakfast at First Watch (Shoppes at Corporate Woods.) This Sunday we were guests of GmaD, AD & UD (where's the fable GpaD?)As per usual I got to sit next to GmaD which is really the best spot in the house. Not only does she try to keep me entertained all through breakfast but we have this great give and take relationship. She gives me bites of whatever she's having (Sunday's blueberry muffin was the tops) and looks the other way when I take stuff straight from her plate. Yummy!

I think I'm about to get a hundred kisses!
The rest of Sunday was pretty relaxing.  After my nap I had a nice little afternoon snack.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE cherries but I'm a little surprised M&D give 'em to me... well, Dad anyway.  They are SO MESSY but in my defense, the two spots on my left cheek (would that be stage right?) were put there by Mom.  What's the matter Mom, don't think I can do messy all by myself?
I think the cherries stained my finger nails a little - I'm gonna need a mani!
After a thurough thorough cleaning, M&D released me back into the wild. Naturally I went and played with some of my faves, including giant tennis ball (a word I can say.)
Then I played pad-a-cake with Mom and Pad-a-cake bear. PACB was a little lathargic though; I think she needed a Red Bull or something else to Energizer (instead of energize her - HA!)

Naturally desk Fort came into play near dinner time. See if you can spot Mom's 'subliminal' advertising. Shameless!

As my night was winding down Dad helped my open a Book of the Month book. Sweet, I love Dogs!

Hang in there with me people, I'm trying my best to catch up. It would be a lot easier if M&D would stop taking pictures but until then, I'm gonna keep sharing 'em with you. But to give you an idea of the mountain I have to climb, Dad took over 125 pictures last night. IN ONE NIGHT! That's a lot of editing and uploading and sharing oh my!

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone. Until Later, Avery

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