Thursday, August 26, 2010

Top Shelf

I mentioned a few post ago that it's difficult to catch up when Mom & Dad take so many pictures and on the 19th they took 125. And this wasn't a family reunion or a day at the zoo (hint hint) or even a weekend day but just an average Thursday. Yet somehow they squeezed in over a hundred pictures. Also, the first picture wasn't taken until 7:11 pm and the last at 8:24 pm. So in 73 minutes they took 125 pictures which is almost two a minute. COME ON!
Shortly after 7:00 we headed out outside to play on the patio. I love my little yellow chair but sometimes I like to sit in a big girl chair too. Of course, there's something to be said regarding the portability of the little chair. I figured out I can push it around just like my Stand & Groove inside. Though the lines on the patio continue to cause me frustration because the legs of the chair get caught in the grooves. I usually just take out my frustration on the chair and magically I start moving again.

We came back in after a bit and I got to open a Book-of-the-Month Book.
Oooh, new wrapping paper - I like!
The book is entitled Tails and is pretty fun. The pages all have some sort of interaction on them whether it be fur or texture or a tab you pull to make certain tails wag, etc.
However that last item is maybe a bit of a problem. I can't always get the pull tabs to work as designed which gets me a little irritated. In fact, there's already been a bit of a casualty on a similar book so M&D have taken this one out of play until I'm a little older.

Mom found this Cat in the Hat bag at Target's dollar section a while back and was pretty stoked that I was playing with it. She even showed me how to carry it over my shoulder.
Uh oh, TCITH bag has some competition.

I love my little sisters a lot and I show them that every chance I get.
I occasionally stop by the bookshelf and grab a snack from the potpouri popouri potpori popourie potpourie (oh man, I started out so close) potpourri dish (second shelf on the left) but other than that the bookshelf hasn't lured me much (after all, my books aren't there.) But now I'm getting a little taller and the third shelf is now in play... and it looks like it's full of toys. SWEET!

125 pictures taken and I post 14; 11% Hmm, I wonder what my overall percentage of pictures taken to pics in the blog is. Uh oh, I smell a rabbit hole....ahhhhhhh!

Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can lick it so no one else can take it when you're gone.

Until Later,

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